Random Musings

Random Musings is about, well, ramdom musings. Things like:

  • Date nights
  • Gratitude
  • My dogs
  • Working out
  • Spirituality

In 2013, I did a regular gratitude post. I did it weekly. It was a way to recap my week and see how good God has been to me. By “forcing” myself to find things to be grateful for, I realized I have less things to complain about, and it made me see how blessed my life really is. I think I’ll do it again moving forward.

Pilates is also a huge part of my life right now. I had never been active in my younger years. But now that I am pushing forty, and overweight, I am suddenly feeling the pressure to be healthier. No, the pressure isn’t coming from other people. It’s just that I know that as I get older, the weight gets harder to fight off, and health issues become a reality – not something I just hear about in older people. Because now I am one of the “older people”. So I thought I would really, really push myself. I’ve committed to attending a Pilates one on one session twice a week, and so far, I’ve done it faithfully. I enjoy it a lot, though there are times, when in the middle of a difficult exercise, that I hate it with every fiber of my being. I always feel good after completing an hour of Pilates work out, no matter how difficult it had been.

I also write about eating out with friends, where it’s not about the food, but more about catching up on each other’s lives. It’s about connection. Not the digital kind. It’s the kind where we get to see each other face to face, and talk to each other with our mouth, not our fingers. It’s that time where we get to share stories about our own lives, or talk about people we know. Ha!

These are some of the things that interest and move me. Otherwise, why would I even bother to write about them? I just lumped them all together here because they are kind of hard to classify. So basically, these are things that pop into my mind, and don’t fall into the other four categories in this blog. I hope you like a bit of randomness every now and then.

Happy reading!


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