A quote from David duChemin’s blog post (I love David duChemin!). Registration for the January 2013 class starts October 15th. Details HERE.


FOCUS. Yup, I struggle a lot with my focus. So I learned to use my focus points, and practiced, practiced, practiced. I get it now, most of the time. Other […]


I was afraid of shooting backlit subjects. They always turn out too dark, and sometimes, I get ugly lens flares.  I’m not afraid anymore. Registration for the January 2013 class […]


So, you just spent a fortune on a new camera. And maybe a few lenses, too. Oh, how about those other little things, like a really cool camera bag, and […]


You are giddy with excitement as you open the box. You are eager to start shooting and creating beautiful photos. You got your friends and family together for a bit […]


I’ve loved photography even before the birth of digital SLRs. My favorite subject had always been travel and food. I hardly shoot people, mainly because I didn’t know how. And […]


This class is by far the best online photography class I know. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to learn how to capture great photos.  Check out my […]


This is the first time I’ve taken photos of a baby older than a month. I love newborn photography, there is no doubt about that. But with this shoot, I […]


Chami was my first volunteer. For a maternity shoot. For birth photography. For a newborn shoot. And this was before she was pregnant. And while we never got to do […]