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I did a lot of research the moment I found out we might be having twins during my Week 5 Ultrasound. A lot of people think that identical twins are […]


A lot of my friends have been asking me what we’ve already bought for our babies. Actually, we haven’t really bought much – just a few big ticket essentials. Some […]


Since we are having identical twins, we know that we’ll either have two boys or two girls. While I will be happy and grateful to have either boys or girls, […]


First, here are some photos from our maternity shoot. These aren’t completely related to the post, but I just want to share anyway. As I was browsing Pinterest to get […]


The last time I felt like a superstar in front of a camera was during our wedding almost fifteen years ago. Back then, engagement photos weren’t popular yet, so we […]


They say life begins at forty. I turned 40 last September 18th. But my story doesn’t begin there. It began more than forty years ago. Psalm 139: 13-16 says: 13 You […]


I finally started on my Journaling Bible and I began with the cover page. Using a calligraphy pen and a Zebra G Nib, I wrote my name in walnut ink. […]


Last year, I decided to commit pursuing a healthier body and spirit, though I have to admit, I was leaning more towards body health. I started by doing my Executive […]


As far as I can remember, we always spend All Saint’s Day with my cousins. It’s one of the two annual holidays that we get to spend together, the other […]