I knew I wanted to breastfeed when I give birth though I knew little about breastfeeding. At that point, the only thing that resonated with me was that breastmilk is […]

Family Snapshot

Yesterday, we celebrated our twins’ first birthday with family, close relatives and good friends. There were so many people who prayed for our girls, and who supported us through their […]


Today is my first Mommyversary. Yay! A year ago, I became a mom. And my life is never the same. My pregnancy had been mostly uneventful. I actually enjoyed it. […]


As the twins’ birthday draws near, we often get asked what gifts we want for the kids. Strangely enough, it’s a difficult question to answer. Maybe because we already have a […]


May 18, 2016 | Ariel and I took the afternoon off for our ultrasound + prenatal check up appointment. We started promptly at 1:30pm. It wasn’t my OB who performed […]


I think it’s human nature to share one’s opinion, knowledge or experience with another person, specially if the advice-giver has gone through the same experience. You know, like when someone […]


We’re pregnant! Finally! It took us almost 15 years of wedded bliss before we can finally say it. The road to pregnancy had not been easy. But we are grateful it finally happened. […]


So we’ve waited almost 15 years for this. I should be grateful. I am. I should be happy. I am. I should love everything about being pregnant. Well, to be […]


  I spent hours researching baby names, both for boys and for girls. Ariel and I easily agreed on the girl names but we can only agree on one boy […]