Artsy Inspiration

I discovered Scrapbooking in 2004. I thought it was a great hobby that perfectly complements my love for photography. After joining a workshop, I was hooked!

Scrapbooking is particularly relevant this digital age where photos tend to get lost online or in hard drives. Gone are the days of printing photos and putting them in physical albums. Scrapbooking gave me a reason to print photos again. Not only that, it pushed me to combine words and photos so the stories behind the photos are not forgotten. Overtime, scrapbooking became not just a means to tell stories, but it became a creative outlet for me. Over time, scrapbooking led me to other forms of arts and crafts like altering regular objects to make it more interesting, cardmaking, art journaling, hand lettering, Artist Card Trading. It is never boring.

When I am doing artsy projects, I feel like the world around me stops. I love the process of creating, and I enjoy the resulting project. I love that other people also enjoy what I create. Specially cards. My family and friends appreciate handmade cards. With snail mail slowly dying, receiving cards from the mail has become a treat. At least for me, it is a treat. If you made cards, send them over to me. I assure you, they will be greatly appreciated! Did I mention I also love shopping for craft supplies? Maybe I love shopping more than actual crafting, judging from my craft supplies at home. LOL.

Anyway, I don’t do arts and crafts as often as I used to because of other priorities, but I try to squeeze in some creative time a few days a month. Nowadays, I’m more into art journaling and calligraphy, though I still do December Daily every year. I also join mixed media classes whenever I am free. I’ll share some of them in this section of my blog. I hope that Artsy Inspirations will indeed inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy creating!


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