A lot of my friends have been asking me what we’ve already bought for our babies. Actually, we haven’t really bought much – just a few big ticket essentials. Some friends offer to give their pre-loved baby items to us. We are not offended (they said some moms-to-be didn’t like getting hand-me-downs). In fact, we are grateful! Baby stuff can be very expensive, and some can only be used for a short period of time as babies grow very fast. So, as long as they are in good condition, we’re happy to get pre-loved baby stuff. I actually received a lot of pre-loved maternity clothes and I love them.

Anyway, I thought I’d put together a list of things we think we should buy, and those we’ve already purchased, so friends can weigh in on what’s essential and what’s not. Consider this our shopping/wish list.


Crib – I want a convertible one like this. For a newborn, the mattress is set to mid-height. Then as the baby learns to crawl and stand, the mattress can be lowered, as pictured. Later, it can be converted into a toddler bed. There’s one similar to this in SM and Baby Company. It fits a 28″ x 52″ mattress. I want one in WHITE, because our nursery theme is grey and white with a splash of pink. We are getting just one crib for now since our nursery is small and while two cribs will fit, it will be quite cramped. And besides, two tiny babies will fit nicely in one crib. We’ll see if we’ll need another one in the future. If we decide to get another one, I’d like to have exactly the same one so our girls can have identical toddler beds.

Update – We already got a crib!


Crib Mattress – I need a good firm one. It doesn’t matter if it’s waterproof or not as I got a cover for it. The size we need is 28″ x 52″ as it fits the crib I am planning to get.

Update – We also bought a mattress already.

Protective Mattress Pad Cover – I already ordered one from Amazon. This is what I got. It’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, soft and easy to clean. At least that’s what the description said. I only got one. I might need two so we have a replacement during washing. I’m sure there are similar products available locally.

Update – We got another set of mattress protector as a baby shower gift.

Mattress Protector

Fitted Sheet for the Mattress – I ordered two from Amazon. One is a chevron grey print (shown below). The other is plain baby pink. Like I said, our nursery theme is grey and white with a splash of pink. I don’t like bold prints and I want to stick with the color scheme. I also don’t want a lot because we have a small space and I don’t want to have storage issues. Maybe I’ll need another one or two. Plain white, plain grey or small prints like dots, stripes and geometric shapes are ok.

Update: Saw some at Pottery Barn Kids (BGC). The cost is about the same as those I purchased from Amazon. They have the colors of our nursery. Nice prints, too.

Fitted Sheet

Crib Skirt – Ok, this isn’t a necessity. This is purely for aesthetic purposes. I already ordered one from Amazon. I probably won’t need another one. Well maybe just one more – in pink and grey. Haha! It’s the grey chevron printed skirt at the lower part of the crib in the photo below.

Crib Skirt

Rock and Play – Not really a necessity, but there are two reasons I included it in this list. First, it is usually included in most newborn essentials list I’ve seen online. Second, this was a lifesaver for one of my cousins when they had their first child. My nephew wouldn’t sleep through the night! Then, on his dedication, Ariel and I gave them a rocker (not automated). That did the trick! They are also durable. My cousin’s son is now almost 8 years old and the rocker is still in great condition to be used for their new baby coming this May. So I want one (or two!) just in case. :) Here’s an automated one I saw at Amazon (Fisher Price – link on photo). There are similar rockers in SM. Some don’t swing automatically, but have a vibrating tool attached to help soothe the baby.

Rock and Play


Swaddling/Receiving Blankets – Not sure how many we’ll need. The material shouldn’t be so thick. It’s so hot in the Philippines! And we don’t intend to have the aircon on all the time – we grew up without aircon, so we don’t want the babies to get used to an aircon room, unless it’s super hot. I prefer neutral colors and simple prints. Plain colored blankets are great, too.

I’ve heard about the Halo Swaddle (http://www.halosleep.com/sleepsack-swaddle/). I thought it was pretty convenient, and the designs are nice.

Update – Got two Halo Swaddles as a baby shower gift. Yey!

Muslins are also nice. They can be used as swaddle, blanket, or cover when going out in the stroller. I saw some at Mothercare with nice prints. The brand Aden and Anais (https://www.adenandanais.com/new-prints/) also has very nice muslins. They come in three materials – classic muslin (100% cotton), organic muslin (certified organic cotton), and silky soft muslin (rayon made from bamboo – the softest option of the three).

Update – I got a couple of St. Patrick Muslins with grey prints as a gift. So pretty! We were also gifted with a pair of Monique Lhuillier muslin blankets/swaddles from Pottery Barn. So soft and pretty!

Mosquito Net for the Crib – I didn’t think it was a necessity since we have screens on our doors and windows. However, a colleague of mine asked for this during her baby shower, and I realized I also get bites even when inside our house. Also, we have dogs who can open our doors so they can sort of let mosquitoes in. So better to have one around. There are plenty available in SM and Baby Company. I’d like one that covers the entire crib (not the umbrella type you use to cover the baby).

Baby Mobile for the crib – This isn’t an essential so I didn’t buy one, but it would be great as a gift. Haha! I saw some cute ones on Etsy and Amazon that fit our theme. Of course the colors should be grey, white and pink. Little owls and elephant would be great to match the decals I ordered for the walls.

We DON’T need the following:

Crib Bumpers – I read a lot of articles about safety issues with crib bumpers. They increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) so we’d rather skip this, no matter how pretty they are. I must admit I got tempted, but in the end, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Comforters – They also increase the risk of SIDS. And besides, it’s so hot in the Philippines. We won’t need this. In fact, Ariel and I also just recently got rid of our comforters. They are bulky, take up too much space, and we hardly use them, even during our coldest months. We can use soft and light blankets instead.

Stuffed Toys – We actually received a couple of stuffed toys and they are so cute. However, they also increase the risk of SIDS for small babies. So for now, they will go to the shelves as part of the room decor. And they are great props for photos. Maybe when the babies are a little older, they can play with the toys.

Pillows – They also increase the risk of SIDS. Based on my research, babies need to sleep on a flat surface. So no pillows for now.


Nursing Pillow – I already ordered one from Amazon. I went with My Brest Friend nursing pillow (pictured below) as the reviews are much better than the more popular Boppy. I got both the single and the twin versions. They have back support that I heard helps prevent back ache when nursing. It also straps into the body for a more secure fit. It looks more ergonomic, and the design seems really well thought out. I didn’t see if this has covers. I might need one or two extra covers though I think I’ll just have these custom made for me.

Brest Friend

Breast Pump – I have made a personal decision to try my hardest to breastfeed my babies for at least the first year, two years if possible. Since I am a working mom, I will need a breast pump. I’ve decided on a Medela Freestyle. It costs a lot less in the US, but there won’t be any local warranty. If I buy here (at The Parenting Emporium/Medela House), I get fitted with the right sized breast flanges (the thing that attaches to the breast while pumping) for the best comfort and milk flow. Also, if the unit breaks within the warranty period, the seller will automatically replace it. I will have to buy it close to my delivery date when my breasts are already starting to have milk – around 34-35 weeks.

Update – We bought one already. I just need to go back to have a proper fitting of the flanges.

Breast Pads (Breast Pads, Milk Bags, etc.) – I ordered two boxes of 100 Lansinoh breast pads. I also got a box of 36 Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads as a gift.

I heard good things about washable breast pads, specifically Bamboobies (https://www.buybamboobies.com/). Mom friends say they are super soft, won’t irritate the skin, and even if they require washing (vs. disposable), they dry easily.

Update: I already ordered Bamboobies washable breast pads (6 pairs). I think I have enough breast pads for now.

Breast Milk Bags and Storage Bottles – I ordered two sets of six Medela 5 Oz. Breast Milk Storage Bottles so I have a total of one dozen. I also got two boxes of 100 Lansinoh Breast Milk Bags. I may have enough for now.

Breast Creams/Oil – I already got one tube of Lanolin cream in case I experience sore/dry nipples. I heard Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is also good, and can be ingested by babies. I haven’t purchased Organic Virgin Coconut Oil yet. It is available at Sesou Nature Source (there’s one in Greenbelt 1, near Tickles), and at The Parenting Emporium.

Breastfeeding Cover – I only ordered one. I got the Duckery Kid Poncho as it has the best reviews on Amazon. I am not crazy about the color options, but the features are great. I’d love to get more covers, and I prefer those that really cover well, like a poncho. I’d like them in neutral colors and dainty prints.

Nursing Cover


Feeding Bottles – Like I said, I have decided to try my very best to breastfeed our babies. I’ve read, and I’ve been told by breastfeeding advocates that in order to build my supply, to prepare for when I go back to work (and yes, I will keep working!), I need to direct feed the babies at least on the first two months (really praying the expanded maternity bill gets passed soon!). I’ve also read that in order to teach the babies to latch properly, I should not introduce bottles or pacifiers early on. Given that, I don’t think I’ll need feeding bottles immediately. In any case, I already ordered two Avent starter sets from Amazon – they cost less than half the price compared to Manila! Plus, the set in Amazon has 5 bottles in it while the set available here has only 4 bottles in the box. I am not sure we will need it because my research on breastfeeding all point to cup feeding when not directly breastfeeding. I’d like to follow the breastfeeding principles I’ve read about so the bottles will be more of a reserve, just in case.

Avent Starter Set

Update – We got a set of Pigeon bottles as a gift. It was a very nice set!

Bottle Sterilizer – Any brand will do, but I like things coordinated so an Avent Sterilizer would be nice. Haha! They are available in most baby stores locally. Seriously, any brand will do, as long as they can sterilize my Avent bottles.

Avent Sterilizer

Update: This is already a check on our wishlist as we are given one as a gift. Thank you!

Bottle Warmer – I don’t know if I will need one. How do you warm breast milk that’s been frozen or chilling in the fridge? I don’t want to use the microwave. If I will need a warmer, it looks like I’ll need two, since obviously, we’ll need two bottles of milk ready for our twins. Avent has one but there are many brands available, and they all have the same rating on Amazon.

Update – I’ve decided we won’t need a bottle warmer. :) Instead, a good old airpot will do a better job. See below.

Airpot – Instead of a bottle warmer, an airpot will do. I was told that it’s a quick way to warm milk that has already been defrosted in the fridge. All I need to do is pour hot water in a container and put the milkbags/bottles in it. The good thing about this is that I can warm as many bottles as I need vs. the bottle warmer which warms one bottle at a time. In addition, I can have access to hot water any time, even in the middle of the night.

Burp Cloths – Regular lampin or muslins will do. We will need several pieces so we’ll have enough for two babies who will feed many times throughout the day.

Silicone Cup – This is for feeding the babies when I can’t direct feed due to pain or soreness. Cups are recommended over bottles to prevent nipple confusion. I know there’s a big debate over the topic of nipple confusion, but I’d like to err on the side of caution. Update – The Medela Breast Pump kit I purchased includes a feeding cup already. Not sure if I should have two for the two babies, so maybe I’ll need one more?

Any other feeding accessories that I missed?


Cloth Diapers – I already decided that I will use cloth diapers. I did the math. I also considered the environmental factors, specially since we will have two babies. I already ordered some SoftBums Echo and SoftBums Omni. However, I will likely need more. There are local options and I am open to them. I prefer the All-In-Two designs – meaning they can either be used as a pocket diaper where the insert can be placed inside the pocket or  can be laid on top of the shell. Locally, I like the Blueberry Mini Nappi for newborns, and Blueberry Econappi One-Sized Diaper. These are available through a Facebook seller – The Eco Baby Boutique. I prefer natural inserts like cotton, bamboo or hemp, or a combination of two or three, as they are friendlier to the baby skin and more absorbent. The Mini Nappi and Econappi inserts consist of 6 layers of organic cotton/bamboo blend that is trifolded and is adjustable in length. I would also like to try other brands. I saw some sellers on Facebook like Vezees Closet who sell an assortment of brands like Alva, Babyland and Ecopwet, to name a few. Tickledbum.com also sells the BumGenius brand which is very popular in the US.

Update: I have to admit that I went crazy cloth diaper shopping. I’ve already purchased an assortment of local/China and imported/US brands – Softbums, BumGenius, Rumparooz, Flip, Blueberry Mini Nappi, Alva and Ecopwet. I don’t know if we have enough since we have twins. I think we will need more newborn sized ones. The brands that I got that fit newborns are Blueberry Mini Nappi (this is the most expensive in my set – I only got two), Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Cover (I got four), Bumkins (I got two) and GroVia Newborn All In One  (two pieces) – all available at Eco Baby Boutique in Facebook. These three brands are all made in the US, very good quality, so pretty, and very good quality. I hope they also function well and will not leak.

Disposable Diaper Liners – This protects cloth diapers from staining and from poop. :) I ordered some from Amazon already. I thought I’d try first if they are really useful. Locally, they are available via Eco Baby Boutique (Facebook) and the brand is GroVia Bioliners. Update – I also ordered the GroVia liners. I think we have enough for now.

Disposable Diapers – We still need some for when we are out (doctor’s check ups, etc.). I’ve been advised not to stock up on disposables as we won’t know which brand our babies will like. Apparently some brands are not “hiyang” with the baby’s skin.  Who knew?!!! I thought they are all the same. Anyway, I need a couple of newborn sized diapers during the first few days (maybe up to two weeks?), as the baby’s poop (called the meconium) is sticky and will stain the cloth diaper. I heard MamyPoko diapers are good. I was able to buy some newborn sized diapers at Baby Company as a baby shower gift for a friend.

Update – I bought two packs of MamyPoko newborn and received a pack of Huggies newborn as a gift. I think that’s all we need for the first few days of our babies before we transition to cloth diapers. I also bought two packs of Softbums disposable diaper inserts. I plan to use these when we need to go out with the babies.

Changing Pad and Changing Pad Covers – We won’t get a changing table. Instead, we will get a chest of drawers (in white finish) for our nursery. Then, we’ll just secure a changing pad on top of it. I already got one from Amazon. It’s contoured so the baby stays in the middle. It has a belt to secure the babies when they’re a little older. It has a non-skid bottom and also has a strap for the furniture. It is waterproof, too. I will need another one. I’ve read that it helps to have a couple of changing pads around the house (and diaper stations) so we won’t have to run upstairs to change a dirty diaper. I ordered three covers – chevron print in grey, chevron print in pink, and pink dots. I will need another one or two.

Update – We received a waterproof changing pad as a baby shower gift. Woohoo!

Changing Pad

Cotton Pads – This is for wiping the baby bottom when changing diapers. A couple of friends suggested using cotton instead of wipes as some babies tend to have allergic reaction to wipes. Instead of cotton balls or rolls, I’d like to use pads instead because the fibers of the cotton balls tend to stick to the skin. These are a bit more expensive than cotton rolls or balls, but there are affordable big packs at S&R. I can use a lot of those.

Cotton Pads

Baby Wipes – To be used when traveling or in transit. Like diapers, need to find out what suits the baby best so a small pack of different brands will do.

Update: I already got a lot of this as gifts so I won’t need anymore.

Ikea’s Raskog Cart – I need at least 2. Actually, I could use one in every part of the house. LOL! I will use this as a diaper station, one for each baby. There are local sellers available, but I am not sure they offer the colors that I like. I prefer cream or grey. Otherwise, the teal/turquoise pictured below is ok.

Update: Raskog carts in Teal, Grey and Cream are available at Lasting Impression (check out their contact details and address in Facebook, or http://lastingimpressionph.com/), my favorite local craft store. Woohoo! It is also available at the Furniture Source (see their Facebook page), located at 38 Granada St., Villa Ortigas II, Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City. Phone number is (632) 410-7159. A friend will give me one which I’ll use in the nursery. I’ll need at least one more for the bathroom, though a couple more wouldn’t hurt. Can you tell I am absolutely in love with the Raskog Cart? I can use this as a diaper station and a feeding station.


Raskog Cart

Diaper Pail/Garbage Can with Lid – My plan is to wash diapers at the end of each day, or at most, every two days. Either way, we’ll need a place to deposit dirty diapers. Based on my research, a container with secure cover is ok. I prefer a container with a lid that opens via a foot pedal – for hands-free convenience, specially needed when one hand is holding the baby, and another a dirty nappy.

Diaper Pail/Garbage Can Liner – I ordered two washable ones from Amazon. They go directly into the washing machine along with the diapers. I think two are enough.

Travel/Baby Gear

Diaper Bag – I want one (or two) that doesn’t scream “DIAPER BAG!”. Also, it shouldn’t be too feminine, as I want Ariel to be able to carry it with pride. LOL! Here’s a sample I saw on Amazon. We’ll need two bags.

Diaper Bag 3

Update – I found locally available bags that I love. The brand is Skip Hop and they are available at Mothercare. They are a bit pricey but they fit my specs. I love the geographic prints, or plain colored ones. They have regular straps as well as stroller straps. They are available for single strollers and twin strollers. Because we are having twins, people might think we prefer the bag for twin strollers. Well, we didn’t buy twin strollers, so I prefer bags for single strollers. Here are two designs that I like from Skip Hop. Mothercare also sells portable changing pads that match these bags. :)


Duo Signature Diaper Bag


Dash Signature Diaper Bag

Update – We got a Duo Signature Diaper Bag as a gift! As a bonus, it was paired with a matching portable changing pad. Thank you!

Portable Changing Mat – This usually comes with the diaper bag. If not, we need a couple for when we’re out and about.

Update – As mentioned above, we got a Duo portable changing pad as a gift. It’s so pretty!

Stroller, Carrier and Car Seat – I probably spent the most time researching this than any other baby item.  I considered getting the side by side twin stroller or the back to back one, but eventually decided to get two individual strollers. If we have extra money, we might opt for one side by side twin stroller and a single one. But since budget is tight, I thought two individual strollers are more cost effective. Also, I’ve decided to get a Car Seat (that doubles as a carrier) and a Stroller Frame instead. We will need to buy a car seat anyway. For the first 6-8 months, we can use the car seat as a carrier and stroller, then switch to a lighter umbrella stroller later on. I opted for the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 LX Infant Car Seat (I ordered two!) and the Graco Snugrider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier (I also already ordered two). Together, they still cost much less than a standard car seat here in Manila. And I don’t have to buy an extra stroller.

Car Seat

Stroller Frame

Here’s what they look like together. Beautiful! When the babies are a little older, we’d likely get MacLaren Triumph or Quest umbrella strollers which are also lightweight.

Car Seat Stroller

Mosquito Net for the Stroller/Carrier – There are mosquitoes all around. I’d like to be able to walk the babies without worrying of mosquito bites. We’ll need two sets.

Baby Wearing Gear – This is another item I’ve researched on, mainly because I do buy the idea of keeping the baby close to the parent’s body. I’ve read reviews and watched videos and decided we will need a wrap for newborn, and a soft baby carrier for when they are a little older. For newborn wrap, I am choosing between two brands (click on the brands for the website link) – Moby and Baby Ktan. What I like about Moby is that it fits any size. Ariel and I can  use the same wrap. The downside is that we need to learn how to use it. I’ve seen several videos on YouTube and I think it’s fairly easy enough to learn how to use it as a wrap. Baby Ktan is easier to use because it already comes in a double loop design (instead of one long stretch of fabric like the Moby) so you just put it on and use it like a wrap. The down side is that you have to get the size right to ensure the correct fit. It is dangerous to wear an ill-fitting wrap. I think Ariel and I will both fit in a medium Baby Ktan based on their sizing guide. That said, I am leaning towards Moby just to be more precise with the sizing. Both brands are available at Rustan’s department store. The price difference between Rustan’s and Amazon is minimal.

When they are a bit older (maybe 8 months and up), we’d like a Tula Baby Carrier (click brand for website link).

Update – I just found out Tula Carriers are available locally via ceoemporium.com. I’d like two standard carriers in Trendsetter Coral and Trendsetter Navy (for Ariel and I). We won’t need newborn inserts as we will use this when the babies are a bit bigger (we’ll use the wraps from newborn up to about 15 lbs.).

Bathing and Grooming

Bath Tub – I read that in the beginning, we can bathe the baby in the sink, but I am afraid of the baby slipping and bumping her head on the ceramic lavatory. So a more baby-friendly tub is in order. I found this foldable tub in Amazon. I like it just because it won’t take too much space in our bathroom.

Foldable Tub

This one has good review and is very affordable. It has a mesh sling to support smaller babies. I’ve seen similar ones locally.


Bath Tub

Update – We got a foldable bath tub with newborn attachment as a baby shower gift. It doesn’t look like the one pictured above, but it serves the same purpose. It was the one available at Mothercare, and it was pink and grey! Yahoo!

Hooded Bath Towels and Wash Cloths – Cotton is more absorbent, lighter and more comfortable on the skin. Here’s what I found in Amazon. There are similar ones available locally. I’ll need maybe four sets, two for each of my girls.

Hooded Bath Towels

Update – We got a few hooded towels and receiving blankets as a gift, and also bought a few more.

Hair Brush and Comb – Not urgent. I have no idea if our babies will have hair. I didn’t have hair as a baby. Ariel had a head full of hair. So it can swing both ways.

Update – Our twins have hair!!! That means they took after their dad as I was a baldy when I was a baby. We already bought a brush and comb set.

Health and Grooming

Thermometer – No idea what to buy. Tips? Is digital ok? I read that for very young babies, digital isn’t very accurate.

Nasal Aspirator – Already ordered this.

Grooming Kit – I always buy this for baby showers. I like the Safety 1st brand, available in SM and Baby Company. This usually contains nail clippers, hair brush, comb, scissors, toothbrush, etc.

Health Kit – Safety 1st also has this. Usually, it has medicine dropper, nasal aspirator, thermometer, etc.


I don’t exactly know what to get and how many. Here’s what I have in mind. Also, matching outfits are cute.

Onesies – I like them. They are cute and affordable. Neutral colors and small prints are my preference. Carter’s have really nice and simple ones. They come in short sleeves, long sleeves, and footed options.

Socks – Maybe a few cute ones.

Sleeveless shirts – For the warm summer nights.

Short-sleeved shirts – For going out.

Long-sleeved shirts – Do I really need this?

Sleepwear – The cute stuff. Haha! I have no idea what I’m talking about. Sleepsuits at Mothercare are really nice, specially those with sleeves that fold over, eliminating the need for mittens.

Cute baby girl dresses – No explanation needed.

Shoes – We probably won’t need this until they’re about 6 months old. I’d love little pink Chucks!

Cute Headbands – This is a necessity.

Mittens – To prevent scratches.



Shampoo, Baby Wash, Baby Lotion – Check out Sesou Nature Source for organic baby products. I also like Baby Bee from Burt’s Bees (available at the Beauty Bar).

Update – Got a few Baby Bee bath products as baby shower gift.

Cloth Diaper-Friendly Diaper Rash Cream/Oil/Balm – It has to be good for cloth diapers as I read that a lot of diaper rash creams stain cloth diapers and affect their absorbency.

Update – I ordered Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. It is cloth-diaper friendly and is made of safe organic ingredients.

Laundry Detergent for Baby Clothes – Cycles or Pigeon are good brands available locally. No harsh detergents and definitely no fabric conditioner for our baby clothes, specially not on the cloth diapers. I also read that even Perla is not advisable as it contains oils that might affect absorbency. No idea what to get.

Update – I already bought some cloth diaper friendly detergent, and also received one as a gift.

No idea what else we need. :)

What we DON’T need:

Baby Powder – While I grew up around baby powder, and I’d like to think I turned out ok, there are many researches done in recent years saying this isn’t good for babies. So I’m ditching this. No baby powder for us.

Baby Cologne – Babies don’t really need cologne.


Baby Monitor – I prefer a video monitor over just an audio one. We won’t be co-sleeping and the crib will be in the other room so it’s important that we are able to monitor the babies when we are in other parts of the house.

Humidifier – We saw some cute decorative ones at Rustan’s. This will come in handy when the babies get a cold – to help with the congestion.

Post Partum Binder – Some only use it for C-section deliveries, but I’ve read that it’s also good to use after a vaginal birth. It helps the uterus get back in shape. I heard that Mamaway has this (Shangrila and Glorietta).

Lactation Supplement – There are lots available. The most popular locally is Malunggay supplements. I don’t know which one is best, but I’ve read malunggay oil might be the better option. Thoughts? Other supplements are Chlorospirulina, Mother’s Milk Tea and Fenugreek Tea or capsules. I will check Healthy Options if these supplements are available there.

Lazy Boy Rocker-Glider-Recliner – This is not a necessity, but nice to have for the nursery. We already checked out Blims and found some we like. Lazy Boy is also available at The Parenting Emporium. They have a glider-recliner. I’ll check it out soon.

Update – We bought one already! We opted for a fabric-covered one, in grey of course. :)

Chest Freezer – I plan to use this exclusively for breastmilk, and later, baby food. We need a small one only. I saw an affordable one in a store at MC Home Depot. I read that chest freezers are better than an upright freezer as it tends to keep very cold temperature even when you open the doors, so milk stored in this type of freezer keeps longer.

Front Loading Washing Machine – Haha! I plan to put this in our upstairs bathroom and will be used exclusively for baby clothes and diapers, to avoid getting contaminated by harsh detergents, bleach and fabric conditioner. These products are off limits to cloth diapers. The reason I wanted a front loading one is so that I can use the top as a changing table in the bathroom. I just need a changing pad on it. I’ll put one Raskog cart beside it as a diaper station. I found an affordable one at the same store I saw the Chest Freezer in. Hanabishi is the brand of the front loading washing machine.

Update – Already bought one and used it already to wash our baby clothes and diapers. :)


That’s about all I can think of based on what I’ve read and what we want for our babies. I don’t know if some of the things I thought as essential are really non-essentials, or if I’ve missed on important items. I am open to suggestions. Please don’t judge my choices. Haha!

I will update as we get closer to my due date (37th week by end of May – considered full term for twins, but officially, June 17th for my 40th week).

Written by Alby Laran


  1. Candy March 23, 2016 at 2:44 pm Reply

    I wanted to buy you the Ikea’s Roskog Cart (and some other bulky stuffs for the house) but Jay wouldn’t allow me because he knows the ending would be he’ll have to carry them all. Hahaha!

  2. April March 16, 2016 at 11:35 pm Reply

    Alby i had several cloth like pads that are very absorbent. I forgot what they were called but they are very much like the absorbent towels for cars. I placed them on top of the mattresses so when i use cloth diapers di tatagos sa bed sheet. Spares me from changing bed sheet each time. They provide thr same function as those blue and pink rubber sheets we used to have when we were babies. But now they have these new cloth diapers na ata na di tumatagos. Pls follow mamachows on IG. She is a baker who makes yummy lactation pastries and she has several tips on handling twins and breastfeeding with twins.

    • Alby Laran March 17, 2016 at 7:40 pm Reply

      Hi April. I know that blue and pink rubber thingy! Haha! Saan nakakabili ng pads na sinasabi mo? I like that. Hindi pa sya microfiber? And yes, meron nang clith diapers na wet-proof. Thanks for the tip on mamachows. Will look her up. Thanks April!

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