Last year, I decided to commit pursuing a healthier body and spirit, though I have to admit, I was leaning more towards body health. I started by doing my Executive Check-Up in September. Then I started working out again. In January, I committed to doing Pilates twice a week, and I have been faithfully attending my one on one sessions. I also started making healthier food choices and have since lost significant weight – though I still have a lot to lose. Around June, I felt the prodding of the Holy Spirit to start working on my spiritual health. There was an announcement for an Empowered Weekend at our church (Encounter). I told our pastor that I want to attend. As the date of the Empowered Weekend draws near, I began coming up with excuses. But our pastor reminded me about it and well, he was kinda pushy – in a good kind of way – so I ended up going despite having a fever, cough and cold that weekend. In a way, that was the turning point for me. I started my daily quiet time the next Monday after the Encounter weekend. I wrote my notes in a journal – usually, a one-page entry. Then I thought I could add some stickers, calligraphy, a splash of color on my journal. Doing that made me more eager to do my quiet time. I took longer notes, and looked forward to my daily date with God. I started waking up earlier. Then, I also started preparing my journal in the evening, and having my quiet time in the morning. It has become my motivation to wake up earlier – because I don’t want to miss my quiet time. I asked God to help me sustain the habit. And after praying that prayer, I discovered Illustrated Faith. In INSTAGRAM!!! How cool is that?!

I messaged the ladies doing Illustrated Faith. I asked a lot of questions and they all answered. I thought, I can do this! This is God’s answer to my prayers!

So I purchased my first Journaling Bible from Amazon. It’s an ESV Single Column Bible by Crossway. I have to admit that my choice of what to buy is based purely on aesthetics. I like the faux leather cover with the leaves. The lined margins are very faint so they are ideal for alterations – painting, calligraphy, and drawings – without the lines being too prominent. Anyway, I already use Bible Gateway to access different Bible translations when having my quiet time so translation isn’t a big concern for me.

Isn’t this pretty?!

Look at those wide margins! I can’t wait to fill them up with words, images, and colors.

Isn’t God amazing? He cares for our individual needs. I thought it was awesome that He gave me a way to grow spiritually while I also nurture my creative gift. Can’t wait to get started!

Written by Alby Laran

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