When I woke up Monday morning, I felt a sharp pain on my left eye. My immediate thought was “oh no, not again!”. So, I self medicated, used the drops my ophthalmologist prescribed before and prayed my eye will get better. By Wednesday morning, the pain has worsened. While driving to work early Wednesday, I had to park by the side fo the road for a bit to clear my eyes which started to tear up. When I got to the office, my eye has swollen a bit and I can barely open it. My boss’ secretary suggested to have the company driver drop me off at St. Luke’s for a check up. I was actually scheduled to see my old doctor at Makati Med in the afternoon, but I didn’t think I could wait that long. So I went to St. Luke’s and fortunately, there was an eye doctor available that morning who was accredited by my hubby’s HMO.

Walking into this new doctor’s clinic was a very different experience. His clinic was ultra modern whereas my other doctor’s was old. The secretary asked me to fill up a form since I’m a first time client, and took my photo for their files. The doctor arrived on time and I was the only patient then. His diagnosis was the same as my other doctor’s and he explained that sometimes the cornea doesn’t heal completely and it’s not uncommon for my condition to recur periodically. As of yesterday, he said that my cornea has “loosened” a bit but has no tear so he just prescribed a few drops and asked me to come back if my eye doesn’t improve.

Love the clinic – the colors, the lighting, the furniture

Well, it has gotten worse, and by this morning, I cannot open my eyes anymore. So I went back, and I got the news I had been dreading. The layer that was loose yesterday was torn already and he had to perform epithelial debridement – my third time in two months! I was so terrified again, because I knew I will have to be in a patch for about three days, and I’ll have to deal with even greater pain. He explained that while normally, a cotton swab will do (what my other doctor used in the two times I had to go through it), he would use a blade this time for a cleaner cut – he has to remove the parts that was torn off, and clean up the areas that were loose. He applied a few drops of anesthesia, and proceeded to scrape my cornea as tears streamed down my face. It’s not as painful as it sounds, but I was already bracing for the pain I knew I will experience later in the day. The good news is that I didn’t have to wear a patch. Instead, he gave me a “bandage contact lens” to cover my cornea and help it to heal faster, without completely covering my eye, and taking away my sight for a few days. That didn’t spare me from pain though, and even as my brother drove me home this morning, I started feeling the pain with the anesthesia wearing off. I couldn’t open my eyes for more than a few seconds. I slept for most of the morning and still felt pain through the afternoon. My vision was blurry, even with my other eye open. However, as of early this evening, I can feel a huge improvement. I am still a bit sensitive to light, but I can now keep my eye open for a bit of time. I still tear up when I keep it open for long, but it’s not as painful anymore. I think I can actually go back to work tomorrow.

So, I am thankful that I found this new doctor. His clinic is nearer my new office so it’s more convenient. I am also hopeful that this new approach will yield better results. And I claim the complete healing of my cornea. Thank you Lord.

Written by Alby Laran

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