Today I woke up to this.

It didn’t come as a surprise at all, since I’ve been hinting on what I want for my birthday for the longest time. In fact, I’ve left Pandora brochures all over our bedroom! Though I had no idea what Ariel got me. Turns out he’s been listening to my hints after all.

He got me the leather cord I wanted. I liked it because I can do many things with it. I can create a bracelet, a necklace, and who knows what else! And instead of a pendant, he got me an eternity ring.

Minutes after I got to the office, this arrived.

Ariel knew I love tulips and roses. This certainly made my day, specially since it’s the first time I had to work on my birthday in about a decade.

It was business as usual at the office, but in the afternoon, I walked in to a surprise.

My new colleagues gave me a surprise merienda! Well, actually, it’s supposed to be for me and Ryanne who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow but she wasn’t able to come to work today.

Ariel came to pick me up before 7pm and we went to 2nd’s for our dinner date.

We enjoyed an appetizer of buffalo wings with blue cheese dip. I had a glass of Daisy’s Pear Martini, while Ariel opted for San Mig Premium.

Then it was time for our main course. Ariel got one of the best sellers – Bistek Tagalog, while I opted for Triple Mushroom Risotto with Balsamic Glaze and Truffle Oil.

My risotto

Ariel’s bistek

We ended the night early since we still have work tomorrow. And just before I headed to bed, Ariel surprised me with another gift. Two Pandora charms to add to my collection!

What a day filled with blessings! I am grateful not just for today but for more than three decades of God’s faithfulness to me, despite the fact that I am undeserving. Amazing grace! Glory to God!

Written by Alby Laran

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