This was inspired by Ali Edwards’ “I want to remember” post.

Today, September 10th, I start a new journey in my career. Today is my official first day at Del Monte Philippines as Sr. Market Intelligence Manager.

I want to remember that on my first day of work, I wore a green shirt and khaki pants. I didn’t have green shirt nor khaki pants so as soon as I found out that that’s our dress code for today, I had to go out and shop. I knew where to go and thankfully, was able to buy both the shirt and the pants in less than 30 minutes with a 15% discount!

My first day of work photo!

I want to remember that I am so excited to start my new job. I bought new stuffs, like it’s the first day of school. I got myself a black Moleskin notebook. I hope I get to use it well. 

I want to remember feeling scared, too! 
I want to remember that I spent so much time last night preparing for my big day. I fixed my hand bag and made sure I have everything I need. I prepared my outfit including my accessories.
I want to remember that I wore my new pineapple charm today. 
I want to remember feeling warm and fuzzy as I received Ariel’s text message wishing me well on my first day at work. 
I want to remember that many of my former colleagues in Coke wished me well in my new job. Today, while driving to work early in the morning, I got a phone message from a good friend and former colleague, Karen, wishing me a great first day of work. It meant a lot to me. I will miss working with her. 
I want to remember leaving home at 7am even though our event doesn’t start til 9am. I wanted to avoid heavy traffic and the stress of finding a good parking space. Also, I am not that familiar with Quezon City so I needed enough lead time in case I get lost. I want to remember stopping by Jollibee to have light breakfast when I realized it’s only 7:30am and I am already near the venue. I want to remember stopping by Mercury Drugstore to buy my eye drops since I woke up with my left eye tearing up. I was terrified that my cornea problem will recur! I want to remember that nice pharmacist who offered to give me ice since the eye drops need to be refrigerated. 
I want to remember that as I walked into the crowded event hall, a familiar face greeted me and welcomed me to Del Monte. Mae, a former colleague who just joined Del Monte last month, made sure I feel welcome on my first day of work. I hate walking into a room full of strangers. Not sure if Mae knew that, but her simple gesture of waiting for me at the entrance of the event venue is very much appreciated.
I want to remember the people in my table – LA, Susie, Martin, Long, Carol and Chinky who chatted with me, ate with me, and just helped me feel comfortable throughout the day’s program. 
I want to remember that I left the event early, and took the hour-long drive to the office. I remember feeling the beginning of a migraine as I navigate the busy streets of Cubao. I remember feeling proud that I found my way around the small streets and got out to C5, thanks to the Maps app on my iPhone. 
I want to remember walking into the office entrance and telling the guards on duty that it’s my first day of work.
I want to remember that as I sat in my new office, having no one to talk to since most people were still at the event, an old friend and former colleague whom I haven’t seen in 5 years walked in and gave me a hug and a warm welcome. It was great to see Archie again after all these years. 
I want to remember chatting with Liezl, my boss’ Exec. Asst., and learning something about her, and feeling grateful that I’ll get to work with her because she seems like a really nice person. 
I want to remember feeling a bit sad, too. I missed my old colleagues. I know I will make new friends in my new job, but I couldn’t help missing my old friends. I missed our happy lunches, whether in the office, or our Friday lunch out. 
I want to remember thinking how I would spend lunch hour at my new office. Who will I have lunch with? (Yup, it’s a big deal to me.)
I want to remember looking around my new office, loving the space, and my small window. I want to remember thinking how noisy it is, because my office isn’t an enclosed room. Though there is “visual” privacy (i.e. I can’t see anyone from my cube), I can hear people’s chatter from all over the floor. I want to remember Archie telling me I’ll get used to the noise.
I want to remember feeling good as my first day of work comes to an end. I rewarded myself with a Regular Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese at Happy Lemon. 
Looking forward to tomorrow. 

Written by Alby Laran

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