August 20-26, 2012

This week, I am grateful for the time I got to spend as a domestic goddess. I cooked and baked, and cooked. I cooked Ariel’s and my favorites. I am grateful for time off from work that allowed me to spend time in the kitchen.

Carrot cake anyone?
Carrot Cake

This week, I got to work out a bit and use my new pink gloves. I’m glad I finally found a pair! I’m grateful for gym time. It’s a delight to work out during odd hours when the gym isn’t packed with people.

Our dog, Cain, had been sick for a few days. We took him to the Vet last Friday and he was prescribed some meds plus a prescription diet. Grateful for our pets who bring us joy. Grateful for the vets who help our pets get better. Grateful for the financial blessings that allow us to take care of our fur family.

This week, I got to spend some time catching up on my Project Life. Creative time is always great time for me. Thank God for the gift of creativity.

This week, after church, Ariel and I went to watch Saltimbanco, a show by Cirque Du Soleil. I thought the show was for 3pm so we made plans to have a leisurely lunch after church. Good thing I checked the ticket en route to lunch and discovered that it was for 1pm!!! Thank God! Otherwise, we would have missed the show and wasted a huge amount of money. We got to the venue just in time to buy burger (mine) and hotdog sandwich (Ariel’s) before the show started. It was a great experience. What a blessing to enjoy shows like this!

Have an awesome week ahead!

Written by Alby Laran

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