July 30-August 5, 2012

What a week!

My left eye had been bothering me for some time so I went to see the doctor. I went home wearing a patch. I spent the first night in agony. Thankfully, my eye felt better after 2 nights. I am grateful for the doctor who treated my eye abrasion. She was kindhearted. God bless her.

Half ny face patched up. Not cool.
All patched up

I am grateful to have a hubby who, despite his busy work schedule, took the time to look after me. He drove me to the hospital, accompanied me to my doctor’s appointment, and he became my eyes the two nights my eye was patched. I had to feel my way around our room, and he was there to guide me, and comfort me when I was in pain. Thank God for my hubby.

When my eye was finally unpatched, Ariel and I celebrated by having dinner at Romulo Cafe. It was his frist time, my second (or third?). Thankful for God’s healing. Thankful for the dinner. Thankful for our time together.

Dinner to celebrate the unpatching

Back at the office, I received the week’s Happiness gift. Love it! Grateful for these little blessings.

Today's happiness gift
Moleskin look alike

Finally, Ariel and I had another night out after church on Sunday. I was craving for Fish and Chips so we headed to Fish and Co. Mouthwatering! Thank you Lord for the blessings!

Satisfied my fish and chips craving! Great dinner with my handsome date.
Mussels and Fish and Chips for dinner

God is good!

Written by Alby Laran

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