I had the most awesome week this week. I was totally blown away. How good is our God?! Big surprises, great opportunities, unbelievable blessings.

I am thankful for gym time. I was afraid to do TRX because my right knee had been problematic in the past, but I’m glad there was no pain this time.

Smiling fir the camera, even though it was killing me
TRX session

Happy with the Coke loot this week!

I love this hand sanitizer. I have a brand new bottle in my bag (Juicy Burst) and was delighted to receive another one as a Happiness gift this week.

We also attended a breakfast meeting c/o the Women’s Leadership Council. It was inspiring! And we got to take home an awesome vintage tin lunch box. Plus the breakfast was great!

Vintage Coke lunch box - giveaway in today's event
I am also grateful for our Friday night date. It was a quick one, but still great. 
Dinner at CPK

Also thankful for a restful weekend at home. We got to spend time with our dogs. My parents came over for a visit, and Ariel got to hang out with his brother who was here for a quick surprise visit.

Showing the doggies some love.

Written by Alby Laran

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