As you can see, I changed my gratitude post from TGIF to TGIS. There is no mind blowing reason other than I want this post to be consistent with my Project Life which documents my week from Monday to Sunday. So there. TGIS!

I had a bit of craft time this week, in between kitchen duty. My husband had been complaining that I hardly cook anymore, so I had to spend some kitchen time, choosing to prepare quick dishes like the stirfried veggies with shrimps, and the roasted chicken. I dry-rubbed the chicken with herbs and seasoning I found in the pantry (realizing that I am out of herbs!) and just popped them in the oven. The veggies took less than 15 minutes to cook.

Top: Stir-fried veggies with shrimps
Bottom: Oven-roasted chicken

And because the meal I prepared had been quickies, I had time for a few layouts, plus two weeks worth of Project Life. I am always grateful for some creative time. I just feel more alive and serene when I am holed up in my little corner, getting my hands dirty, and putting my ideas on paper. Love it!

My creative mess

After church last Sunday, Ariel and I went out for dinner. I am always grateful for our once a week dinner dates.

CW from top left: Fish and Chips, Truffled Mac and Cheese, couple shot over dessert and coffee, Cookie Dough Cheesecake – at Mr. Jones

Thankful for my Kindle Touch. It arrived Monday. I am grateful for Facebook friends who led me to a local seller. Got it for a reasonable price, and I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

My new Kindle and its leather cover

Thankful for our Happiness Gift on Monday. Herbs!

Tarragon and Stevia for me

Went on fieldwork on Tuesday and I am thankful that the weather didn’t get worse. It was raining, and the Marikina river was at high levels. Glad it didn’t overflow.

Marikina River almost at main road level

Then I went to Cebu for a three-day conference. I went with some of my colleagues and we had a great time. The conference was great, but the chance to bond with my friends from work was even better. We hung out a lot, had meals together, and even escaped to the city for a birthday dinner. Thankful!

Al Fresco breakfast, then it became too hot and we had to move our table under a shady area
Al fresco breakfast
The lagoon
The beautiful lagoon

Finally, I am so very thankful that Ariel and I got to spend the weekend in a beautiful island in Cebu. Ariel flew in Friday and we took a 3.5 hour trip to the southern tip of Cebu for a quick island getaway. Sumilon Island had been on our bucket list for the longest time. Thankful that we finally set foot on the island. Had a fabulous time!

We had the best time!

Have a great week ahead!

Written by Alby Laran

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