This week I am thankful

…For a restful weekend spent at home.

…For God’s continued provisions. For needs met. For answered prayers. For Sunday worship, and messages that pierce the heart.

…For the Happiness gifts every Monday and Wednesday.

Monday: A Philippine Flag pin to celebrate Independence Day

Wednesday: Art workshop by Alay Guhit

…For our Independence Day. For living in a country where we are free to express ourselves, free to travel, free to worship.

…For the mid-week holiday. For a day out with the hubby. For salon time. For shopping sprees.

Hair treatment at Piandre

…For the gift of creativity. For fond memories. For art.

Latest photobook, just delivered

…For happy lunches. For food adventures. For friends at work.

Happy lunch at Cucina Rusticana

…For date nights. For quick dinner and drinks. And shopping.

Ariel’s usual at Chili’s
Not my usual, but still dang good!

Thank you Lord for an awesome week!

Happy weekend everyone!

Written by Alby Laran

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