Sunrise at Siargao Inn


For 11 years of wedded bliss. In this day and age of broken relationships, I am grateful that the Lord has sustained our marriage. I am grateful for the many years we’ve shared, the adventures we’ve embarked on, the ups and downs that made our relationship stronger. I look forward to more adventures, more hapy years ahead, and most of all, I look forward to growing old together, serving the Lord and raising a family.

For a week-long vacation in an island paradise called Siargao. It was a week of discovery, adventure, fun, relaxation. It was a week of bonding, of sharing laughter, of conquering fears, of gaining new experiences. Thankful for the opportunity to travel to a new place, meet people, make new friends.

For safe travels. I am grateful that we didn’t get sick during our trip. I am thankful for the great weather. I am thankful that there are no injuiries, no accidents, no trouble at sea or on air.

For the kindness and warmth of strangers. We met a lot of people – locals, foreigners. All of them warm and friendly. Thankful for new friends.

For colleagues who covered for us while we are on vacation.

For our extended family. Thankful for their good health. Grateful for their love and support.

For the financial blessings. Everything comes from God, and we are beyond grateful for the opportunities and resources He has blessed us with.

Going home tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone!

En route to Sohoton Cave, having a grand time!

Written by Alby Laran

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