For the long weekend.
For time spent just lazing around and doing nothing.
For a great work week.
For great colleagues.
For good concept test results.
For short meetings.
For the brief bout with dysmenorrhea – it was painful, but lasted only one day.
For my period coming before our vacation – I was worried it will ruin our beach plans.
For packing done way ahead of time.
For awesome team members who would help with my work while I am gone.
For agency partners who honor their timing commitment.
For dial-a-cab.
For the completion of the first phase or our home renovation – we get to move back to our room today!
For a happy Friday lunch with friends.
For the anticipation of an awesome vacation. We leave for Surigao tomorrow! Pray for us!

For all of the above and so much more, thank you Lord.

Written by Alby Laran

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