Can’t believe April is almost upon us! The first quarter is over so soon!

The lounge (left) and my room (right)

So, I got to tick off one goal off my list this week. I spent the weekend at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City for my Executive Check Up. It was quite the experience! The Health and Wellness Center of St. Luke’s is top notch. I felt well-cared for, pampered even, from the very beginning. The lounge was luxurious, with comfortable couches and a buffet spread – similar to airline lounges. Then I was ushered into my room. It wasn’t so big, but it was adequate. There was a single hospital bed is in the center, a visitor’s couch on one end (where Ariel spent the night), an LCD above the bed, a ref, and of course, the toilet and shower with hot and cold water. Ariel arrived from his trip in the afternoon to keep me company  for the night. Had all the necessary tests done in the next 24 hours and before we know it, we were checking out. I am so grateful for this experience. I’m thankful for my employer that provided this health care. Til next year!

Before I headed off to the hospital, I went to my favorite scrapbooking store and picked up a new tool that I’ve been secretly wanting for some time – the Silhouette Cameo. “Secretly” because I never really admitted to wanting it until I saw one up close. So happy to finally get my hands on it. Thankful!

The week was pretty routine. I went to work (it was an exciting and busy week), worked out at the gym (still in love with boxing) and spent nights playing Draw Something. Thankful for the little things that make everyday special.

Ariel had a procedure done Thursday night. He was in pain all night and I stayed home today to take care of him. He needs help getting up from bed, getting a sponge bath, taking his meds on time. I love doing these things for him! He also can’t drive for the next few days so I am the designated driver. Thankful for the blessing of having the strength to fulfill my promise to stay beside him in sickness and in health. And if anyone is wondering, it’s nothing serious. He’s ok and is recovering well, still in pain, but will be back to his old routine in a week or so.

Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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