At the salon, just before heading off to the ShangriLa Hotel

Busy week! I spent the past week nursing a bad tummy which pretty much extended through the weekend. I lived mostly on lugaw and fruit shakes. Sunday, I had a colonoscopy to check my colon. Thank God results came back good. My colon is clean, no tumors or polyps. Had a bit of a scare given the past months of lower abdominal pain. It could really be just my shingles.

After my colonoscopy, Ariel and I scoured the shopping mall for a black dress. I need a formal one for the Coca-Cola Thanksgiving Gala Dinner. I almost purchased an insanely expensive so-so dress last Friday our of desperation, but good thing my hubby kept me in check. I would have regretted that decision. Thankfully, I found one  that looks fantastic on me for a fraction of the cost of that expensive dress. In fact, I got to buy a branded little red bag, plus an awesome pair of stilettos and some bling for half the cost of the expensive dress. And I looked awesome! Thank God for a sensible hubby who kept me from making foolish shopping decisions.

So Tuesday night, we went tot he salon for hair and make up, got dressed up in our long black dresses and attended the Coca-Cola 100 Years Thanksgiving Gala Dinner. I am not really crazy about attending dinner parties, but my colleagues convinced me it’s a once in a lifetime event. They are right! After all, I won’t be here in the next 100 years. I’m glad it was a short and quiet dinner. I’m thankful I get to be part of Coke’s 100 years celebration.

The next day, I flew to Singapore to attend a storytelling workshop. It was a wonderful trip. It’s great to be back to Singapore. I just love that city. Aside from the workshop, I also had the opportunity to meet up with some friends. I got to roam around the city and take photos. I am grateful for the opportunity, and thankful for the safe travel. Did I mention I got to fly Business Class and stay in a nice hotel? I fly home tomorrow and pray for a safe return trip. Thank you Lord for the blessings!

Written by Alby Laran

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