My friend Karen’s sister Gale and her newborn Sabine

Had a super fun weekend shooting a couple of hyperactive kids, and one adorable almost a month old baby. I went to my friend Karen’s place to shoot photos of her niece Sabine. Then I also took photos of Karen’s two daughters and Sabine’s older sister. It was a riot getting all four of them in one photo but I loved it! To top it all of, Karen’s hubby Ian, prepared a sumptuous spread of chili crabs and crispy roasted slab of pork. They were paired with a platter of green mangoes and bagoong. Heavenly! Thank you Lord of a fun weekend, specially since Ariel is away.

I am grateful that Ariel got home safely on Sunday. He had a pasalubong which I love. I am grateful for a thoughtful hubby who enjoys buying me gifts.

This week is particularly crazy at work. Workshop all week! I presented in a workshop and I only got to see the materials Monday morning, in time for our dry run. Then I had to work on it a bit Monday night for the Tuesday presentation. I prayed for confidence and wisdom to answer the questions and I got what I prayed for! Truly God is concerned about all aspects of our lives and He wants us to do well in everything we do. I don’t know how I would have gotten the right words to address questions if not for the wisdom that came from God. All glory to Him.

Our home rennovation is going well. Our unit is still a big mess but the living and dining areas are now in a nice creamy white shade – will definitely provide me with that perfect white balance! The closet and shelving in our bedroom are already taking shape. Soon, it will be a haven for our work-weary souls. Thank you Lord for the blessing of a comfortable dwelling place.

Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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