I’m thankful that I’ve recovered well from my Shingles. I had minimal discomfort this week and I was able to resume my usual routines.

Our home renovation is under way. After 13 years of living in our humble condo unit in Mandaluyong, we are finally undertaking home improvement work. It’s chaotic! All of our stuffs in big boxes. But it’s so exciting! Can’t wait for it to be completed so we can enjoy a restful home after a busy day at work. Not that it did not provide us rest before. It’s just great to have it look just the way we wanted. Thank you Lord for the financial blessings that allowed us to do this.

Here’s our bedroom all prepped for the renovation work. This was before all the construction materials came in and turned it into a huge pile of mess. :)

Ariel flew to Boracay middle of the week. It’s always unsettling when one of us has to be away, but it’s part of our lives. We travel for work once in a while and we are grateful for the opportunity. So, I am thankful that Ariel got to Boracay safely and he seems to be having a great time. Praying for his safe return on Sunday.

I had a couple of important meetings this week and I am thankful for the wisdom the Lord has bestowed upon me to actively support our Marketing Team. I am happy that I was able to answer questions thrown at me and that I am able to participate in the discussions without my nerves getting in the way. I am also grateful that our GM seems to be in a jolly mood this past couple of weeks. Meetings with him, at least those I’ve attended, had been light and easy.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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