At the Baguio vacation house

I am thankful for our short break in Baguio City. It was a great time to visit. It was cold, specially at night. We had a very relaxed schedule – not a lot of driving around. I had time to craft a bit. We cooked and ate a lot. We watched too much TV and movies. It was the perfect family getaway and I thank God for giving us this time as a family. I am thankful that we got to Baguio and back home safely.

We had a bit of a scare last week when our poodle became sick. He was taken to the vet and was prescribed meds plus a special diet. He has recovered well though still not 100%. He’s back to his usual excitable self. He’s just a ray of sunshine in our home and I’m thankful to have him.

After a longer-than-usual break, it’s always tough to go back to reality, so I am thankful that I eased back to my work routine without much effort. There are exciting things to look forward to at work and I am thankful for the blessings. Although my situation is not perfect, I am grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow no matter what the circumstances are. I am grateful for one colleague who, a couple of weeks ago, jolted me awake and told me to “snap out of it”. I did snap out of it, and I feel so much better.

Written by Alby Laran

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