My tags were done, and so were my ATCs. They are ready for mailing. Can’t wait to receive the tags and ATCs created by my friends. So thankful for our creative community!

Ariel got promoted last year. It was announced in December but it was retroactive to October. That means he got extra cash for the previous months. That was why he treated me to lunch last Sunday at Sugi, one of our favorite Japanese Restaurants. I am grateful for the financial blessings that come our way, but more than that, I am grateful that Ariel’s hard work is getting recognized. I am so proud of him and I pray for his continued success at work. Most of all, I pray that he will continue to do his best to honor God who is the source of all these blessings and opportunities.

Sunday Food Trip   on 365 Project
Sunday breakfast and lunch

We have finalized the design for our condo renovation and we are beyond excited. We are grateful for the blessings that allowed us to undertake this project. We will be starting soon!

I am definitely getting my groove back in the gym. My stamina has improved greatly and I am back to jogging now (last week, cardio was tough!). I am also completing the fitness regimen that my trainer has prepared for me. Lastly, I am not feeling dizzy anymore – the multivitamins I am taking definitely helps (I was low on iron). Hoping that my efforst at the gym plus my healthier food choices will soon pay off.

College friends – Aids and Queng

I am also happy to meet my college friends for dinner. Many couldn’t make it so there were only seven of us. We celebrated the January birthday celebrants – Elma and Ariel. I am thankful for our friendship. I’ve known them for 20 years! Wow! That made me feel old. Old, but blessed in so many ways.

Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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