Back to the Storage Boxes!   on 365 Project
Time to pack up the Christmas decors!

The holidays are over and it’s time to pack up the tree and all the trimmings, plus all the other Christmas decors around the house. Sad, but also hopeful for the new year and all the great things God has in store for us. I am thankful for the happy times with our family this past holiday season.

Typical Sunday Morning   on 365 Project

The past weekends leading to Christmas had been activity-packed and so frantic. I am thankful for our first weekend of rest – extended hours in bed, craft time and overall lazy weekend.

I don’t know if I had always been creative as a child. I can’t remember any artwork from my childhood days. My parents favored music and enrolled me in piano and organ lessons. But I do remember loving Practical Arts in high school, specially when Mr. Maclang became my teacher. He awakened something in me, helped me discover my love for visual arts. While I was never great at it, I learned to draw, and paint, and mix colors. My dad, seeing my interest fluorish, fanned the flame by buying art supplies with whatever limited income my parents had at that time. In college, I turned to photography. Again, my parents supported me by buying me my first SLR. Now, I still love photography and I love arts and crafts. I am currently doing Project Life which combines crafting with journaling and/or storytelling, as well as photography. I cannot imagine not having these hobbies in my life. I am grateful for God’s gift of creativity. I am grateful for a teacher who sparked that interest and planted the seed. I am grateful for supportive parents who work really hard to encourage and motivate me. I am grateful for a husband who understands and embraces my passion, and is my number one fan.

Speaking of photography, I am also about to start my new photography class. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and improve my skills.

This week, work started to get busy. I am thankful for my colleagues who are such a delight to work with. And I am thankful for my job that provides me with a good intellectual exercise and fulfillment. Of course, I am grateful for the earning opportunity, too!

Finally, I am thankful for all the good news I’ve got this week. Everyday is just filled with blessings and I praise God for each one of them.

Have a great weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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