Happy New Year from the two of us!
Welcome to TGIF 2012! This year I intend to continue what I started last year – a weekly gratitude post to honor our God who makes all things possible.

So welcome to my first TGIF post for 2012!  To start off, I am thankful for a relaxing New Year’s Eve celebration with our family. We visited my in-laws and had lunch with them. In the evening, my parents, brother and sis-in-law joined us for dinner and media noche. We had a simple celebration out in the garden. We skipped buying our own fireworks and just enjoyed our neighbors’. We had a wonderful time with our family, and that’s all that matters. Thank you Lord for our family!

I met up with old colleagues last Monday night. Gemma flew in from New Zealand for the holidays. Amie and Alfred with their daugher Ally, were also visiting from New Zealand. Gaye showed up with her two daughters. Kai came in with her three girls. Angela showed up with her son and daughter. Tita
Norrie also came – I haven’t seen her in at least seven years! It was a fun night of great food, endless chitchat, watching the kids get along, and catching up on each other. Thank you Lord for old friends!

This week, I went to see my OB for my annual routine check up. Things are looking good as far as getting my body ready for a work up. Just one more test pending before we decide where to go from here. I also had my mammogram and sonnomammogram done last December and the results came out this week. I was a bit apprehensive waiting for the results but it turned out there was nothing to worry about! I also went to see a Gastro Enterologist for the persistent pain I had been feeling in my lower abdomen. Again, I am thankful to know that it’s nothing serious. Thank you Lord for good health! I promise to keep exercising this year and to starting eating better.

This is of course my first week back to work. There were a few glitches on my projects but nothing that can’t be easily addressed. It’s great to see my friends from work again. Thank you Lord for my job, the sense of fulfillment it gives me, the chance to exercise my left brain, and the opportunity to earn a living.

I’ve started Project Life 2012. I’m continuing with Project 365. I’m taking a photography mentoring class to improve my photography. I will continue to blog. I will make scrapbooks, cards, and other craft projects. Thank you Lord for the gift of creativity, for being part of a creative community (local and international), and for hobbies that give me a sense of balance. People always ask me where I get the time to do all these things. We all have 24 hours. I just choose to use some of my time honing the gift of creativity God gave me.

So far so good. The year is looking great. I am hopeful and excited. This week, my photography teacher reminded of this verse: Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”. So this year, I am releasing all my wories and concerns and trust that He has great plans for us. Glory to God!

Have a wonderful 2012! Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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