Lots of things to be thankful for this week!

Last Saturday, Ariel and I went grocery shopping for our Christmas loot bags. It’s a major item off our Christmas to do list.

Sunday, I also ticked off another to do item. I cleaned out our small bedroom closet and ended up with a big bag of trash, plus another bag of items to give away.Next weekend, we’ll tackle our guest bedroom (c/o Ariel) and my scraproom a.k.a.The Little Red Nook.

Monday, I had an early morning flight to Bacolod. I planned on waking up at 2am and leaving the house at 2:50am to give me lots of time to get to the airport, check in to get a good seat (for short flights, I prefer a window seat near the front), and have coffee at the pre-daparture area. I jolted awake at 3:10am! In a panic, I quickly dressed up and called for a cab. I left the house at 3:20am and got to the check in counter at 4:00am, 10 minutes before boarding time. I am thankful that I woke up at that precise time. Any later and I would have missed my flight. I am thankful that my colleague Nollie got to the airport early and advised me to check in at the business class lane (even if we’re flying coach) to get ahead of the long line. As a result, I managed to check in quickly and catch my flight. I am also thankful that the hotel we reserved in had a room available for early check in. We managed to catch some sleep before our 10am meeting. Yes, those little details of our life which we think are trivial, are actually important to God. And I also thank God for a safe flight to and from Bacolod City.

Cakes and Pastries on 365 Project
Checking out a local dessert and coffee shop

Going Home on 365 Project
Waiting for my return flight

Which brings me to the next item in my gratitude list. I got to read THIS post from my online photography class instructor and one of my favorite bloggers. Again, an apt reminder of how God wants to get involved in our lives, no matter how trivial things may seem.

Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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