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Some of the goodies at Lasting Impression

First off, I am happy to attend a scrapbooking class last Saturday. It’s been a LONG time since I last scrapped. I love scrapbooking but this year, I just focused on photography. Hoping to get back in the scrapbooking groove soon. Meanwhile, the class is awesome! I finished 5 layouts! I also had a visual feast – looking at the scrapbooking goodies at Lasting Impression. Drool! I restrained myself from shopping though – well, I picked up a few “necessities”, but nothing insane. Promise.

It was a VERY BUSY week at work and I am thankful for God’s grace that allowed me to fulfill my responsibilities. I love being busy at work. It keeps the wheels of my brain turning. Despite the busy schedule, I still had enough time in the evening to read a book, or edit photos – things that help me unwind, rest, and recharge.

I am thakful for the mid-week break last Wednesday. I joined a few colleagues for a a food tour of Binondo. Super FUN! We stopped by several food establishments and got a sampling of Binondo’s best. We also took a lot of photos and we got a good taste of the Chinatown culture. It was a great experience for all of us. Special thanks to my colleague, Aileen, for leading the tour.

Dumplings on 365 Project

(Warning: Possibly too much info in the next paragraphs)
I had to cancel my business trip to Cagayan De Oro because my period came and I had dysmenorrhea. I had a huge mental debate the night prior to my departure. I wanted to go because it’s an important project, and also because I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone by cancelling the trip. However, based on my experience, I knew it will be very difficult for me because of the pain. So I decided to cancel. Despite that, I am thankful for this cycle, and all the other months that I experience this “inconvenience”. I am a woman after all, and this is part of who I am.

Pain on 365 Project
My pain remedy – hot water bottle and pain reliever every 6 hours

Have a blessed weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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