Chami was my first volunteer. For a maternity shoot. For birth photography. For a newborn shoot. And this was before she was pregnant. And while we never got to do a maternity or birth photography, I made sure I was able to take photos of her adorable newborn. Meet Robyn, born to Robbie and Chami Candelaria on October 4, 2011 and weighed 6.7 lbs. She was 2 weeks old when we did this shoot one rainy afternoon while I was nursing a bad tummy. You see, Chami and I live in the same building, at least when this shoot was done. So I could easily ran down to out unit when my tummy acts up. Fortunately, it didn’t. Not until after I took the last shot.

Robyn’s teeny tiny toes

She didn’t want to go to sleep. She dozes off for a few minutes and then would wake up again.

Yawn again!

She did a lot of yawning, but hardly slept. She loved getting bundled up and didn’t like it when we try to take off her clothes. So no nudie shots here. No cute baby bum. But I got a lot of gorgeous catchlights in return.

Oh look she finally dozed off! For a bit, at least.

Here she is being comforted by her lovely mom.

Can you see how gorgeous her eyelashes are?!

Thanks Chami for the opportunity to shoot your pretty little girl.

Written by Alby Laran

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