This was an activity-filled week and I loved it! My calendar was filled with a lot of “to dos” but I also had enough time to curl up in bed with a book. So blessed! So my Saturday was a bit crazy. A quick trip to the mall to buy a shirt, followed by kitchen duties to prepare lunch, and then afternoon snack. The rest of the time was spent shooting photos for 1) my class assignments (I have two classes going on at the moment – an online class, and an actual physical class), 2) for my Snapshots of a Good Life January Class Facebook Group weekend challenge, 3) and lastly, my weekend challenge with photography friends Euge and Pao. That’s a lot of shooting in one day. No complaints there since I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and I’m blessed to be able to engage in this hobby.

My class assignment

I love you on 365 Project
My “words” shot – for Snapshots of a Good Life January group

2 Minute Exposure
My long exposure shot – for my weekly challenge with Euge and Pao

As I’ve already mentioned, I joined Adidas King of the Road 5Km Fun Run on Sunday. I thank God that Ariel and I completed the race without any injury. I blogged about it HERE so I won’t go into detail anymore. I’m just thankful for the experience.

I had the photography class Monday and Wednesday nights. It was FUN! And I am still learning a lot despite the fact that I am not a beginner (not an expert either). Did I mention the class was free? I am so thankful for this blessing.

Still related to photography, I am happy to be still doing Project 365. A few more days and Ariel and I will complete a whole month of shooting DAILY. Yes, shooting AND online posting daily. And I’m not talking about phone camera shots (though I am allowing myself that option when needed), but daily shots with our DSLR. Mind you, shooting with a “real camera” doesn’t mean having photos that are always great. I have a lot of lousy photos in there. In any case, I am HAPPY doing this daily.

Happy to head to the gym this week, fresh from last Sunday’s fun run. My left foot still hurts a bit so it’s low-impact cardio for me. I’m happy to be alive and to be able to work out.

I had fever Thursday night and I was really hoping I’ll feel well today since I don’t want to miss the Trick or Treat in the office. Anyway, I woke up feeling really bad but I went anyway. Happy to be at work and to see the kids of my colleagues. Seeing the energy of these kids is enough to make me feel better.

Most of all, I am happy to start the LONG WEEKEND. Of course, weekends like this are never long enough, but I’m grateful just the same. I’m hoping to do a lot of cooking/baking and shooting.

And here’s my last photo for this week.

Happiness Bottles on 365 Project
Happiness bottles

Have a great LONG WEEKEND!

Written by Alby Laran

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