I discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago. I haven’t stopped pinning since then. So what is Pinterest? Imagine browsing through a magazine and finding a fashion ensemble that you really like. You cut it out and paste in your journal, writing a caption underneath that says “fashion inspiration”. Then, you found a photo of an amazing bedroom interior. Again, you cut it out and paste it in your journal, labeling it “for my dream house”, joining many other cutouts of different home interior shots. Pinterest is sort of like an online version of that journal or inspiration board where you can bookmark photos that inspire you. Pinterest allows you to create several boards to categorize the photos you’ve bookmarked. In my case, I have a board on photography, travel, recipes, home interior ideas, crafts, etc. What’s even more amazing is how when you click on the photo you’ve saved in your pin board, it takes you to the original source. For instance, clicking on a photo of a cheesecake takes me to a blog post where the photo was originally posted complete with a recipe.

In addition, Pinterest is also a form of social media. You can follow people, and people can follow you. You can choose to follow a specific board from one person, or you can follow all of that person’s board. If the person you are following shares the same interest, then chances are you’ll get a lot of inspiration from following that person’s board(s).

So how do I make use of Pinterest? I check out my boards when I need inspiration. Many of my boards are on photography. I pin a lot of tips and tricks, as well as inspiration for shoots. For instance, I saw THIS in one of the boards that I follow. I loved it and wanted to try it out. So I did. Here are my photos.

With the scrabble board as part of the background

Just the hands in black and white

Just the hands in sepia

Just the hands in color

Try it out and be inspired!

Written by Alby Laran

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