I went out with Grace and Gen this week. It was a quick dinner (Gen had to go back to work – boo!), but we had a great time catching up. It was a Japanese dinner at Sugi and we ordered our favorites, made even better with our endless chatter. Before we parted ways, we made fun of Gen’s pants and laughed ourselves silly until my tears started rolling down my face. I love dinners like this! And I am grateful for my girl friends for making my life so much more fun.

Salmon Sashimi on 365 Project
Salmon Sashimi – a Japanese Restaurant staple for me

The Adidas King Of The Road fun run is just two weeks away and I feel so not ready! Nonetheless, I am thankful for my consistent gym activity. I refused to check my weight because I don’t want to be disheartened, specially since I my clothes fit the same way so I don’t think I’ve lost weight, but I do feel a huge difference in my energy level, my stamina, strength and flexibility. It’s just that when I exert so much effort, people assume that I’m losing weight and they tend to measure my progress by asking me how much I’ve lost. It’s as if not losing weight makes my physical activities pointless. It is NOT pointless. I feel great. I feel stronger. I am more energized. And I know I am working towards a healthier heart, and a healthier body in general. So, fun run in two weeks. I CAN DO IT! I am thankful that I can afford to work out in a gym to prepare me for this (and future races, I hope!), and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to join the fun run for free.

Gym Gear Part 2 on 365 Project
My running shoes
That’s all for now. Not a lot, I know. But I am so deeply grateful for every little blessing that I received this week. I am grateful for all the opportunities to learn and grow as a person even if these opportunities might be difficult or painful. All praises and thanksgiving be to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Written by Alby Laran

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