First of all, I am so bummed that my friend Gaye beat me to the name Andrea. I love that name and I would want to name our future baby girl Andrea with Andi as nickname. Oh well.

So Andi  is my 5th newborn. She is also my oldest baby at the time of our shoot. In fact, I don’t think hers still technically count as a newborn shoot since by definition, newborn photography is of babies 2 weeks old and younger. But that doesn’t matter. Babies are babies, they are cute and cuddly, and a joy to photograph. I was particularly excited about this shoot because Andi has an older sister that I’d also like to capture in photos.

So anyway, we did the shoot in Dani’s (Andi’s 4-yr old big sis) room. It’s a very pretty room with one wall painted in stripes. What made the room special is the huge window that bathed the entire room in gorgeous light. Fortunately, the sun was up and we had great natural light pouring in.

Andi had just been bathed when we started. She was wide awake and refused to be set down on my bean bag. Fortunately, mom and dad were available to pacify the feisty little girl. While the parents attend to Andi, I took shots of Dani. Dani is so adorable and loved to give her silly facial expression. But I also got a lot of lovely smiles from her. Oh, and the gorgeous catchlights on her eyes – love them!

Finally, Andi allowed mom and dad to set her down on the bean bag. I had a few seconds to take photos before she let us know she didn’t want to lie there after all! Dad to the rescue!

After a few ounces of milk, she finally went into a deep sleep. And here are the photos.

I did a couple more shots of Dani plus one with her dad.

Just before we packed up, I told Gaye I’d like to take photos of Andi on Dani’s bed, with the striped wall as background. When I set her down on the bed, she woke up and let us know very loudly that she’s had enough. That was our cue to have lunch instead.

Thanks for viewing!

Written by Alby Laran

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