On Sunday, I will be 36 years old. It’s a major year for me. I now feel closer to 40 than to 30. Getting “old” seems more imminent now. Not that it’s a bad thing. But it does mean something to me. It makes me look back and check how I’ve spent the last four decades of my life and whether I’m happy with how I lived my life. More importantly, is God happy with the way I lived my life? Those are questions only I can answer. So, how do I feel about getting older? I don’t know. Mostly, I am thankful. God has been faithful and consistent with His love throughout my 36 years, even if I totally don’t deserve it. I am not afraid of getting wrinkles (I’m more concerned about my hair turning grey, or worse, going bald!). I am more concerned about health issues that come with aging. I want to continue living a life of adventure. I want to continue to travel and discover the world. I want to continue creating art with my hands. As it is, I am very unhealthy, but I feel that at this age, I can still work on developing a healthy lifestyle. I’m working on it now, but I wish I started earlier. I know it’s not too late but it is especially difficult since I have never been active all my life and I have a lot of bad habits to break, and new habits to start and maintain. I’ll write more about my thoughts on aging in a separate post (on my birthday!), so on to more fun stuffs.

To celebrate my birthday and share blessings with my friends, I am giving away some pretty pendants made by my super talented friend, Carrie Cordero. Here are the pendants:


Each pendant above has a Czech fire-polished bead: faceted rounds in translucent light rosecolor. They come with a 17-inch copper chain and matching earrings. Simple but beautiful.
And here’s one extra special necklace. It has a combination of the Czech fire-polished bead, plus pearls, chips and pink glass beads. It comes with a special beaded chain.

Pink Flower
Pink Flower

Beautiful, aren’t they? So, if you’re interested to win one of these, just answer the questions below and post them in the comments section of this blog post.

1.What do you like about getting older?
2.What do you not like about getting older?

Remember to answer both questions. At midnight, on September 18th, I will choose what I feel is the best (most honest perhaps) answer to my questions above and she will receive the Pink Flower necklace above.

Then, I’ll randomly pick two other winners to win a pink pendant each from the above selection.
I won’t post the comments so no copying of answers. I’ll post all your comments after I’ve announced the winners.

Thank you for joining!

Written by Alby Laran

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