I had the opportunity to shoot another newborn last August 14th. Erin was only 7 days old then, and at the time of the shoot, was my youngest newborn yet. She is a cute tiny baby and it was a breeze to pose her. At least for the first hour of our shoot. We also did the shoot on the veranda so we had plenty of natural light. I used my 35mm f/2 lens given the limited space. I also realized I like moving close to my subject.

Test shot – caught her smiling and discovered her cute dimples

She was asleep for most of the shoot

Cute dimples

First time I used a cocoon

It was very easy to pose her

So cute!

Love the cheesecloth wrap! So versatile!

Adorable facial expression

I love the bright color of this wrap

So peaceful!

Love that elf hat! Got it from Etsy.

One thing I love about shooting girls: Accessories!

We had a little accident, but dad is up to the job of cleaning up

And mom came to the rescue when little Erin got hungry

When she woke up, she wan’t so happy with the shoot

It was the first time that  Ariel assisted me in a shoot. I loved having him there. He also brought his camera and took photos. Here are his shots. Pretty good! I did the editing of course. We make a great team!

Ariel assisted me in the shoot and he took this behind the scenes shot

Thanks to Jeff and Pia for entrusting me with Erin’s shoot. I had a wonderful time, and I learned so much!

Written by Alby Laran

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