I thank God for simple pleasures…

…Sharing Via Mare’s Puto Bumbong with Ariel

Via Mare's puto bumbong

…Picking a ripe atis from the garden and discovering that it’s the sweetest atis ever (I may be exaggerating there, but it is very sweet!)

Atis freshly picked from the tree

 …Baking chocolate cake and actually tasting a bit of it
…Dinner with the parents and brother
…Taking photos through the windshield and sharing it in Instagram (I’m totally addicted!)

Raindrops on the windshield

…Coming home to a delicious dinner of sauteed veggies with ground chicken breast – healthy and super yummy – cooked by our “adopted little sister” Aiza.
…Finding my favorite parking slot at the gym empty.
It has been raining this week and I am thankful that we didn’t get stranded in flooded streets. Well, Ariel had to walk along the Mandaluyong riverbank Monday night since the traffic was at a stand still due to flooding in the Mandaluyong City Hall area. Fortunately, he wasn’t driving so he was not stuck in the traffic jam. He had to walk a bit but it was not that bad. Thank God it wasn’t raining anymore and he got home shortly.

Makati Ave on a rainy Sunday
Cruising through flooded Makati Ave.

Last Wednesday, I unknowingly dropped my locker key at the gym. An honest person picked it up and turned it over to the front desk. I checked my stuff and everything’s intact. I thank God that there are many good people in this world.

Went home to Cavite Thursday night. Traffic was light. Thank God for this rarity.

Went to work from Cavite this morning. Traffic was smoothsailing and we got to work in just 40 minutes. Woohoo!
Finally, long weekend ahead! We’re not going anywhere. In fact, the plan is to cleanthe house. Nonetheless, it’s time off to do personal stuff so I am very grateful. Happy weekend everyone!

Written by Alby Laran

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