Erin, 7 days old
Despite a busy and stressful work week, I was able to spend time engaging in my hobbies. As mentioned in my previous post, we went home to Cavite on Thursday so our helper there can wash our clothes on Friday, and free up her Saturday. As a result, I was able to play in the kitchen all day Saturday and came up with a couple of desserts. I made my first ever chocolate souffle which was a success, as far as technique is concerned. I was afraid it won’t rise, but it did! And i was careful when I took it out of the oven so it wouldn’t deflate. The chocolate cake was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, albeit a bit underbaked. Will have to keep it in the overn a bit longer next time. Finally, I made another batch of cheesecake flan, this time with much less sweetener for a milder taste. Loved it!
Chocolate Souffle
My very first Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate cake
Moist chocolate cake – also my first
Bubbling caramel syrup
Bubbling Caramel for the Cheesecake Flan

I also cooked our meals for the day. Even though it was tiring to cook and bake, I was able to relaxmy mind and I had fun. It was a great opportunity to polish my culinary skills and I am thankful for the resources available to me to pursue this hobby.

On Sunday morning, Ariel and I went to Las Pinas for a newborn shoot. Tha baby was Erin Kristen Lopez, and she was only 7 days old. She is the second child of scrapper friend Pia, and her photographer husband, Jeff. As always, I learned a lot from this shoot. My photos are much better than before. I had a great time! I am so grateful for another opportunity to practice and learn, and improve my photography. See photo above.

Another super busy work week for me, capped by a day trip to Davao today. I took a 5am flight to Davao and a 6:20pm return flight. It was a bit stormy in Mindanao and I am thankful for my safe flight. I am glad that we boarded a huge plane so it wasn’t so bad when we experienced turbulence. So glad I was able to come home as I would much rather spend a quiet evening in our own room.

Our ride
The Boeing 747 that took me to Davao and back

To God be the glory!
Happy weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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