The workshop

I am very thankful for our first event this year. It’s a talk about the Essentials of Photography by renowned photographer Jay Alonzo. Over 50 people attended, including a few friends from work, and former colleagues. Jay is a very good speaker, keeping everyone engaged and entertained. A few people also signed up to be part of our Photography Club. Time to set up a Facebook group for the members! It was a successful event and I am happy and blessed to be part of the organizing group.

I’m also thankful that the typhoons we had this past week didn’t hit us bad. We’ve experienced strong rains the whole week but we were spared from severe flooding and damages.

I’m also grateful to the Lord for sustaining me through a busy work week. We are in the middle of planning and it’s a bit unnerving to get into a room full of our company’s management team, half of whom are foreigners. In addition, I presented to the Global Knowledge and Insights community. I was a bit nervous and forgot some of the things I was supposed to say, but it turned out great. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn, and grow and contribute.

Happy weekend everyone!

Written by Alby Laran

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