Yup, not all days are bright and sunny. In fact, there are days that are dark and gloomy. The past week had been dark and gloomy. Literally and figuratively.

I am happy to have celebrated the first birthday of a friend’s daughter. Time indeed flies so fast. It felt like only yesterday when Karen texted me to say she is pregnant, a much anticipated second child. I am happy to have been witness to her pregnancy, and to have been part of Isabela’s life from the time she was in her mom’s belly, til she was born, and as she develops into the active toddler that she is today. It was a fun and intimate celebration, amidst dark clouds and heavy rains.

The next day, we also celebrated Ariel’s nephew’s 5th birthday through a pool party. Again, it was raining but the kids and adults had fun swimming in the pool. I am glad that Ariel’s brother who is based in Dubai, was able to come home to celebrate his son’s birthday. I am also always amazed to see the close bond between Ariel and his brothers (both are based abroad) so it’s a joy to see them come together and spend time with each other. I cooked pancit and it was a hit. Family celebrations – can’t beat that.

There are some aspects of my job that have been a source of stress lately. It bothers me a lot, and there are days when morale is low. However, I always believed that God brought me here, and it still amazes me to think back and realize that He cares about my professional life. If you think that careers are too trivial for God to be involved in, you are wrong. God wants to be involved in our lives. Be it in our work, our hobbies, our relationships. So times like this, when things are not turning out the way I wanted or hoped for, I just remember the amazing way God brought me here. The job offer came at the perfect time, just when I really needed it the most. In addtion, I am thankful for many of the people I work with. They are a huge blessing to me. And I am thankful that this job allows me to do many of the things I love and enjoy like travel, my hobbies, etc. So despite some concerns at work, I am grateful.

That’s all I’ll share this week. Not that there isn’t much to be thankful for. There’s a lot! So thank you Lord for everything else that I have not written here.

Have a great weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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