This week has just been overflowing with blessings – in all areas of my life.

We just got a few items for the house which not only improved the look of our bedroom but also provided better entertainment for us.

I also got a new phone! Loving it! It’s a huge blessing and it perfectly addresses my functionality  requirements.

We were able to watch Varekai last Tuesday. It was an awesome experience! Ariel and I really enjoyed the show and we are grateful for the opportunity. It was the first time Cirque Du Soleil came to the Philippines and we don’t know if and when they will come again so it was a unique and perhaps once in a lifetime (long time?) experience to see them perform in Manila.

Cirque Du Soleil’s Grand Chapiteau where Varekai was performed

After a few weeks’ hiatus, we finally were able to meet for a Bible Study session last Thursday. Our Bible Study leader chose a difficult topic to discuss, but something very relevant to us. It was a great discussion and it was truly Spiritually filling. I am grateful for Barry who continues to allow himself to be used by God to lead us in these sessions. I am also grateful that we continue to see new people in our group.

This week, I worked out in the gym twice, as planned. I am thankful that my schedule allows me to honor my commitment to exercise regularly. I am also grateful for my trainer who really takes the time to motivate me and push me so I could achieve my fitness goals. It was a painful process, but definitely very fulfilling.

My abs, specially the sides, are still painful because of this exercise

I forgot to metion in my previous posts but a few weeks ago, our car (driven by my brother) had a minor mishap with another car in our parking garage. One of the other car’s signal light got busted. Thankfully, the owner of the other was more than reasonable and just asked us to buy the part, even a previously owned one. We didn’t even see him face to face. He just asked to leave it with the guard and he installed the new signal light himself. Thank God for this neighbor who spared us from unexpected expense as well as the hassle of bringing his car to a repair shop.

Finally, and you might think this is small or even shallow – but no blessing is too small, I got the sweetest comment to a photo over at Instagram. I’ll backtrack a bit. So I discovered Instagram using my Ipod Touch. I wasn’t able to enjoy it well because my iPod doesn’t have a camera. So now that I’ve switched to an iPhone, I am able to use Instagram more often and was able to expand my network. So last night, I checked my profile and someone left me the sweetest message. “You have really beautiful photos. You are a future famous photographer.” It came from a 13 year old girl who lives halfwalf across the globe. It’s the sweetest thing! And it sure did wonders to my confidence and really inspired me to be a better photographer. I do believe that every now and then, God sends us little messages of inspiration to keep us going. So thank you Lord. I needed that message.

Of course, there are many other blessings poured out to us the entire week, and I thank our good Lord for every one of them. Glory be to God!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Written by Alby Laran

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