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Breakfast is served starting at 8:00am. Can you believe that? Ariel and I still got up early and took a walk outside. The neighborhood was still very quiet and felt deserted save for a few construction workers in a nearby site. I guess people get up late in this sleepy town? Anyway, since we were among the first to be dropped off the previous day, we were fortunate to be the last to be picked up at 8:45am, giving us a bit of time to have breakfast. We had no idea what time our next meal would be so we wanted a proper breakfast. Ariel opted for the traditional Scottish breakfast which consists of toast, potato scone, beans, bacon, egg and sausage. It’s a huge plate! I opted for a simple Continental breakfast – toast, Scottish pancake (which looked and felt more like a muffin), egg, jam and butter. We had coffee with our meal but skipped the cereals and juice which are part of the breakfast offering.

We continued our Isle of Skye tour and this was our first stop. It took my breath away.

The view was breathtaking!

Proof that we were actually there. :)
I was there, too!
If there are any doubts that there is a God, just look at this.
No random explosion in space can result to this awesome beauty.
Love the reflection on the water!

Our next stop was by a stream of water. Our guide said that locals believe that if you wash your face in these waters, you will not age for a year. One lady in our tour actually believed it and washed their face on the ice cold water of this stream. No thanks! But what if the water will help prevent weight gain? Then I’ll probably soak my entire body in it! LOL!

Old bridge against a breathtaking backdrop
I love bridges! I know I’ve said that a hundred times already. :)
Same bridge!
This time, on the bridge!
He’s now hooked in photography! Love it!

Our guide asked us if we would like to have a lunch picnic at a park, and of course, we all said yes. So we made a quick stop at the town of Portree to buy food for lunch. Ariel and I bought burgers, a cupcake, juices and water. This was our cheapest lunch in the UK!

Town information
This is the town center
We had time to walk around and enjoy the view
Too bad we didn’t see this before we bought our burgers!
Where to go?
Bird spotting while waiting for our mini-coach
Lots of seagulls in this town (in all of UK actually)
I waited a long time to get this shot!
Shot through the window of our coach, on our way to the next stop

Our next stop was probably my favorite in this tour. It’s called the Faerie Glen, or valley of fairies. Locals believe that fairies abound in this place. Our guide told us that if we walk barefoot in the hills, we would absorb good energy from the fairies. Again, our tour mate (the same one who washed her face in the stream of water earlier that day), took off her shoes and walked barefoot on the cold damp grass. I don’t care much for the lore, but the place is just magical. We climbed up the hills and just soaked in the view. I think this is their version of chocolate hills, but the hills are so green and there are small bodies of water here and there.

Taking a photo of Ariel taking photos

Here are a few more photos I found on google. We were not able to fully capture the beauty of this place as we were busy just soaking in the view. Faerie Glen photos, and here’s a short description from TripAdvisor.

Next up, Cuith Raing. We had a very brief stop here, just enough time to enjoy the scenery. Again, breathtaking! You can see more photos here.

The site marker
It was cold!

A mobile food store to cater to tourists – one Bison burger please!

Then we were off to our picnic destination. On the way, we stopped for a toilet break. The public toilet was in the middle of nowhere and our guide dubbed it as the smallest toilet in the world.

I’ve been to smaller public toilets, and this one has running water, working flush and toilet paper.

Finally, we arrived at our lunch picnic destination. It’s called Creag An Fheilidh, which is Gaelic for “The Rock with a Kilt-like appearance. This park is known to be an old stomping ground for dinosaurs. Bones were recovered from nearby digs. The place is just beautiful. We sat down on the grass, by the cliff overlooking the sea. However, by this time, our burgers are cold and tasteless. Oh well.

Enjoying lunch
Eating our cold burger
The site marker
Dinosaur footprints
Sign by the cliffside
Breathtaking view
Enjoying the scene
Pleasant surprise!
Waterfalls by the sea
Before we left the site, Duncan demonstrated how to make a traditional kilt from a blanket. I have it on video and will post separately.
Duncan and one of the ladies in our tour as his model

Here and here are some more awesome photos of this site. My pictures don’t do this place justtice.

After lunch, we made our way to the city of Inverness. We stopped near Eilean Donan castle again for a few photos.

I don’t know why I love bridges so much!
Wouldn’t it be great to live in a house with a beautiful backdrop like this?
Eilean Donan castle from afar

Finally, we reached the city of Inverness, which is the capital of the Scottish Highlands and home of Loch Ness (lake Ness), which is Scotland’s second biggest lake. The lake is made popular by the lore of the Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie.

Approaching Nessie
Shhh…we had to approach quietly.

Our group booked a Loch Ness tour for a chance to spot Nessie in her natural habitat. We were divided into two boats. Ours is actually a research boat equipped with SONAR to measure the depth at various parts of the lake, and also spot any monster activity below the surface. 😉

We saw the ruins of Urquhart Castle, which was once one of the largest strongholds of Scotland. We didn’t stop there (entrance fees apply) but we were able to take a few photos. Our guide later suggested that we can hike to the castle after hours (no need to pay the fees), bring a bottle of wine and enjoy the view. We’d rather just rest.

At first, we settled inside as we couldn’t stand the cold.
The ruins of Castle Urquhart
After a while, we braved the cold and went outside to better enjoy the view. The sun was up and I got tan lines on my feet even though it was freakin’ cold!
We would go back inside the enclosure every now and then to get warm.
Ang ginaw!
A bigger tour boat
Urquhart Castle in B&W
Is it obvious that I also love castles?
I want a small red boat like this.
Or a bigger red sailboat like this one.
Boat garage
A pretty village by the lake

After the tour, we were dropped off at our B&B, the Drumnadrochit Hotel. It was big unlike the B&Bs we’ve seen around Scotland. Even our room was very comfortable and has amenities like that of a hotel.

Our pretty room (no view though)
It’s not very big but very comfy.
Our bathroom – my favorite feature is the electric towel drying rack behind the door. It also adds warmth to the toilet. I want one!

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant. For our appetizer, I decided that we should try the Haggis, a local dish made from the sheep’s innards and wrapped in sheep intestine or stomach (similar to our Longganisa), and served with “neeps and tatties” which are yellow turnips and potatoes boiled and mashed separately. The photos of haggis I found on the internet were not appetizing at all! So, I was pleasantly surprised to be served a lovely plate of haggis. The plating was amazing and it looks like shepherds pie. The hotel restaurant, by the way, feels just like that – a hotel restaurant. The prices are a bit steep but we got what we paid for.

The haggis actually tastes great and we cleaned up our plate quickly. The top layer is mashed potato, then yellow turnips (neeps and tatties), then the haggis.

I ordered vegetable risotto for my main dish. It was very good, but the serving was HUGE! There is no way I could finish the whole plate. Ariel opted for lamb chops.

The colorful and flavorful vegetable risotto
Ariel’s lamb chops was also beautifully plated, cooked perfectly, and tasted really good.

After dinner (which was around 7:30 pm), there was still a lot of light outside so we roamed around a bit before retiring for the evening.

A pot of colorful blooms
The Loch Ness center was already closed.
Ariel taking a photo of the Loch Ness Center.
Ariel with a quaint village behind him

Thanks for viewing! Will post the last set of our Isle of Skye Tour photos soon. Watch out for it! :)

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Written by Alby Laran


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