I am just thankful to be in the comfort of our home tonight. I was a bit apprehensive about driving home and taking Coastal Road after hearing the news of the “ipo-ipo” in Quezon City and Iloilo. I mainly read about those in the US and the thought that it also happens here, albeit in a much smaller scale, is scary. Anyway, we decided to brave the heavy downpour and drove home. It only took us about 40 minutes. Thank God we got home safely.

I had a good workout twice this week. I’m past my 3-month mark which is great because I never used to last longer then 3 months. I’ve gone faithfully to the gym weekly, except when we were on vacation, and the week I was hospitalized. I am thankful that I have not had any problem with the physical activities. I feel great and I know it will only get better.

I was given my first project as Wellness COE K&I lead. I am thankful for the opportunity and also for my COE colleagues who have been supportive of this new role. I also attended my first Center of Excellence telecon at work this week. Happy to get to know the team and learn from my more experienced colleagues.

I am thankful for the people who make life a bit more convenient. I am thankful for Marvin in the office who picks up my meals, buys coffee from Starbucks, prepares our equipment for meetings, etc. I am thankful for the Munich Taxi dispatchers, specially Joanne, who always help me get a cab during coding days. I am thankful for our household help, Malou, who make sure we have good dinner waiting for us after a full day at work. I am thankful for our other household help, Annie, who takes care of our house and our pets while we are gone for the week. May the Lord bless each one of them.

Have a great weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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