This is late, but I don’t want to skip my weekly gratitude so here it is.

I got the complete results of my abdominal ultrasound and I’m happy to know that I have nothing to worry about. I took the last tablet of my prescription today. My eating habit is “almost” back to normal. I’m still eating less than what I am used to – which can actually be good! Thank you Lord for your gift of healing.

I am thankful for the scrapbooking class I attended last Saturday. It was the 2nd class I attended this year and it gave me the opportunity to scrap after a 5-month hiatus. I enjoyed every minute, even if it was a bit stressful to complete the 5 layouts and 1 mini album. It was great to get my hands dirty again and create a work of art. Thank God for the gift of creativity.

I’m thankful for my personal trainer at the gym. She motivates me to work out, when I know I am totally incapable of motivating myself. She pushes me just hard enough to surpass my last workout, but not to hard to exasperate me. I do feel that I am getting stronger with each session.

I’ve been buying my parents sourdough bread for a few weeks now. I am thankful for the buy one take one offer at the artisan bakery so I get more for the amount I am paying.

I am thankful everyday for God’s blessings, for His provisions, for watching over me and my family and keeping us safe everyday, for providing all of our needs, and even some of our wants.

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend! Have a happy week!

Written by Alby Laran

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