Every single resource I’ve seen on Newborn Photography mentioned keeping the baby warm, which means that the photographer should be sweating. In the US, and other countries with cooler seasons, this means using a space heater to keep the baby warm. In my beloved tropical country, it means shutting down cooling appliances like electric fans and air con units. And yes, in the two newborn shoots I’ve done, I was sweating like crazy.

So here are the photos of my 2nd newborn shoot. This time, it’s a boy! Nikko was 10 days old here. Ariel drove me to Makati early on a sunday morning to meet this little charmer. When I got to my scrapper friend Liza’s house, Nikko has just finished his early morning meal of mommy’s milk. I thought he was ready for a deep sleep but I was wrong. He was wide awake the first hour! He would close his eyes for a bit then open them. Then mom decided to give Nikko another feeding session. Voila! He slept soundly for the duration of our shoot after that.

This is my knitted shawl. He found it soft, warm and comfy.

Caught him in a half smile here.

Love those little toes!

Another shot of those little toes

Love Nikko’s expression here.
That’s my dyed cheesecloth. Major fail!
The color was blotchy and pale. Will try again next time.

I prefer this version. It hides the blotchy color of the cheesecloth,
but still shows off Nikko’s cuteness.

Colored version of the above photo. :)

This shot reminds me of ultrasound photos. He looks like he’s in the womb here.

Love the elf hat! And Nikko’s got a pair of booties that perfectly match!

A close up shot

This one shows the lion on the booties.

He looks very comfortable here.

Another close up.

One of my faves in this set

Another close up

With a little toy I picked up from a baby store.

I think mom picked this for his baptism invite.

Love the hat!

Another favorite!

Can’t decide if I like the b&w or colored version better. I love both!

This made me laugh! I like that “naughty look” in the red car. :)

Same pose, but captured a different facial expression.

Love this hat and it matches the toy. :)

A close up shot

Which version do you like better?

Another one of my favorites, even if the focus is a bit soft.

I like both the b&w and colored versions.

Antoher favorite shot – I’ve been wanting to try this and I’m glad it turned out well.

I also like the colored version, but prefer the b&w.

With mom this time

Colored version

I decided to take family shots as well. For this, I really prefer the B&W versions.

With dad Nelo and mom Liza

Which is your favorite?

Written by Alby Laran

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