I read THIS at the Lonely Planet website. My mind started spinning right away as I try to process what I’ve read.

First off, I am happy to have seen three out of the ten structures – Angkor Wat, Big Ben and the Stonehenge. Here are the ten structures.

1. Taj Mahal in India – I’d love to go to India, and I’d love to see this iconic structure, not just for its sheer beauty, but for what it represents. India is in my list of destinations to see before I die, though it’s not among the top contenders. Someday. Maybe.

Taj Mahal
(Photo by Laala.B – lifted from Flickr)

2. Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt – I’ve always been fascinated by this and I hope I’ll see it one day. However, other than the pyramids, I am not sure of what Egypt has to offer. Hence, I am also unsure if a trip to Egypt is worth it. Any thoughts?

Giza Pyramids
(Photo by feelix – lifted from Flickr)

3. Great Wall of China – Definitely in my top places to see. It helps that it’s just a few hours away by plane, budget fares available. Hopefully next year. Early next year.

The Great Wall of China
(Photo by meddlepix – lifted from Flickr)

4. Eiffel Tower, France – We came so close to seeing the Eiffel Tower last April but I guess it is meant for another time. And we will see it. If not next year, the year after.

(Photo by DanielAway – lifted from Flickr)

5. Chrysler Building, USA – I don’t know much about it to be totally intrigued and interested. So if, and when, we go to the USA, and find myself in New york, I’d probably snap a photo from afar, and opt to see other places and structures up close. Like the Apple Store in New York. LOL!

Chrysler Building
(Photo by Alessandro Angelini – lifted from Flickr)

6. Big Ben, England – I’ve taken dozens of pictures of it. Just last April-May, actually. I know it’s Iconic but it’s not actually the most spectacular structure I’ve seen in England. Still, I’m happy and blessed to have seen it.

Photo by ALBY :)

7. Machu Picchu, Peru – We (Ariel and friends Anna and Kokoy) were just talking about this last night! It’s not in my bucket list, but I can certainly add it!

Macchu Pichu
(Photo by Fatima Sol – lifted from Flickr)

8. Mt. Rushmore, USA – I think it’s amazing. Not in my bucket list though.

Mt Rushmore
(Photo by VAman49 – lifted from Flickr)

9. Stonehenge, England – Saw this last April. It wasn’t in my bucket list but since we were in England anyway, might as well see it. It’s actually nothing spectacular to look at. It’s the mystery around it that makes it special, as well as how those gigantic stones were put together.

Photo by ALBY :)

10. Angkor Wat, Cambodia – This is by far the most awesome man-made structure I’ve seen, and I really felt blessed and privileged to see it with my own eyes, touch its walls with my hands, and set foot in the huge temple city. The fact that it was built by hand centuries ago, by people fueled by sheer devotion to their god and king, makes it even grander than it appears.

Photo by ALBY

I’ll be content to see 5 out of this 10 and at the rate I’m going, I might accomplish it in two years. Why only 5, well, there are other places in my bucket list that I’d rather prioritize. They are not necessarily iconic man-made structures, but places that are also well worth a visit. For instance, I love bridges! I’d like to see the Chapel Bridge in Switzerland, the Alcantara Bridge in Spain, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge or Pearl Bridge in Japan which is the longest suspension bridge in the world, and the Millau Bridge in France which is the tallest bridge in the world.

Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge (photo by wahooie_stuie – lifted from Flickr)


Puente  de Alcántara
Alcantara Bridge (photo by Rafael Jimenez – lifted from Flickr)

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge 明石海峽大橋
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (photo by Andre Devezeau – lifted from Flickr)

Millau Bridge 2
Millau Bridge (photo by Chris Willis – lifted from Flickr)

While these structures are MAN-MADE, and are products of human ingenuity and creativity, let us not forget that man is created by God, in His own likeness. Creativity is likewise a gift bestowed to man by His creator. So while we give credit to the human geniuses who designed and built these structures, it is still ultimately the power of our sovereign God who made it all posible.

That said, nothing beats attractions that are handcrafted by our God Himself. They are among my top dream destinations. Among them are the Underground River in Palawan, Niagara Falls in Canada, the Grand Canyon in the USA, the Iguazu Falls in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina border), the  Maldives, the jellyfish lake/river in Bucas Grande in Siargao, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Victoria Falls in Africa and a lot more!

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls (Photo by Tony Costa – lifted from Flickr)

Written by Alby Laran

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