Dad responded well to the medication prescribed by his urologist and his latest PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) results have been favorable. Praise God! I am thankful that my dad doesn’t have to undergo more drastic treatment or diagnostic tests.

I am also thankful for my dad’s doctors. I know that God used them to care for my dad and to give him the proper medical care to address his condition. On a side note, my parents saw a urologist during my dad’s confinement but for some reason, my mom did not warm up to him. They decided to see another Urologist, who at that time was attending a conference out of the country. They waited a week before meeting him but when they finally did, my parents both felt comfortable with him. He happens to be a diabetic (type 1) and shared a lot of insights with my parents. He lectured them about lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference and hopefully, my parents have taken his advice to heart. I believe it was the Lord’s gentle nudging that led my parents to Dr. Campana.

I am also thankful that healthier food options are now easily available. I am grateful that we have the financial resources to afford them because some of these healthier options are quite pricey.

I am thankful for my photography hobby. I am glad to have found an area of photogrpahy that I love and enjoy. I am thankful for the people around me who support me in this hobby – friends who share my passion and who unselfishly impart their knowledge and experience with me, friends who lend or give me their old baby stuff so I can use them as props for my shoot, friends who loan me photography tools so I can practice. I am also thankful to some of my friends who trust my skills and allowed me to practice with their newborns and those who are still preggy and have agreed to let me shoot their baby in the future. What a blessing!

Thursday night, Ariel and I took a cab going home from a Church meeting. While cruising a narrow street in Makati, 2 drunk guys “attacked” our cab and our driver got off the cab under my protest. I was afraid they’ll hurt each other. Thankfully, the cab driver was very calm and he was just concerned about the damage inflicted on the cab he is driving. Also, I am thankful that the neighborhood guys ran out to help subdue the two drunk guys. In fact, one of drunk guys got into the cab (and I almost freaked out but I stayed calm – or at least pretended to be!), and told us not to worry because it’s between him and the driver. After a while, another driver approached having the same experience just moments ago (he was driving ahead of us and the drunk gusy also hit his cab). Our driver apologized to us and asked us if we can find another cab to get home since he has to file a complaint at the barangay hall. I am just thankful that no one got hurt (except for the cabs) – not us, not the drivers of the two cabs, not even those two hooligans. I am thankful for the daily protection that the Lord has bestowed upon us.

I had a wonderful “Happy Lunch” with my colleagues on Friday. We had paella and tapas with a pitcher of Sangria (yes, over lunch!) at Tapella (my third time to eat hear in the past 10 days!). I am grateful for moments such as this where we can just relax and have a fun, laid back moment with the people I work with.

That wraps up my week. Have a great weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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