It wasn’t easy. I was sweating profusely, perhaps due to the combination of humid weather, nerves, and intense concentration. Whatever the results are, this session was all about me gaining experience and learning from it.

I am grateful for my friend and former colleague, Carla, who entrusted her 13-day old first born child, Ricci (short for Renee Charlize), to me and my camera. She was a delight to shoot. If all babies are like her, then it will always be a fun session. She slept for the most part, specially after her feeding.

One of my favorites

Another favorite

This signalled the need for a break. She needed her milk!

After feeding, it’s time to take a nap! Ready for the shoot again!

Still preparing her for the shoot – I quickly captured her smiling. 

I love this!

I can’t decide if I like the colored or B/W version.

My favorite hair accessory – I wish I took more shots of her wearing this.


Again, can’t decide if I prefer the colored or B/W.

Stinkin’ cute!

Love this version, too!

I think I’m a sucker for hair accessory and pouty lips. :)

Trying out a few textures.

Can’t wait for my next newborn shoot!

Written by Alby Laran

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