For the second year in a row, we didn’t leave town for our anniversary. We took the day off because we didn’t want to cram for our trip the next day, and also because we had an appointment with the French Embassy for the result of our Schengen Visa application. The good news was that our Visa was granted. The bad news was that we had to come back the next day to get it stamped on our passport. We had to let it go because we were already leaving for the UK and we didn’t have the luxury of time to come back for our Schengen Visa. So, with a bit of disappointment and irritation with the French Embassy, we headed off to lunch. Our restaurant of choice – Casa Armas.

Aside from the fact that I love paella, Casa Armas’ selling point for me is their sangria. We’ve dined at Casa Armas a couple of times already but it was only last December that I got a taste of their sangria. I loved it and vowed to come back for it.

First up, we ordered a serving of Gambas Al Ajillo. Ariel and I loved the fresh shrimps in garlic and olive oil. We enjoyed dipping the bread which was served earlier into the garlic oil.

Gambas Al Ajillo with ice cold Sangria

We also ordered Salpicao, a plate of tasty beef tenderloin cubes also in garlic and olive oil. Again, very tasty.

The beef was very tender, cooked just right and seasoned perfectly.
Enjoying lunch
Still not too happy with the embassy experience

For our main dish, we ordered Paella Valenciana which consisted of chicken, ham, chorizo and seafoods. I had to scrape the tutong from the paellera. Loved it!

Perfectly cooked paella

Halfway through our lunch, Ptr. Raymund, pastor of the 4:30pm service at the Word for the World Christian Fellowship and ministry head of the Photography Club, called us to pray for our trip. What a great anniversary gift!

Happy with our lunch! Even if there was an air of disappointment over giving up our Paris trip, what was important was that we were together to celebrate this milestone.

Written by Alby Laran

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