Can’t believe I missed last weeks TGIF entry! Good thing I wrote a separate gratitude post for our anniversary. Anyway, better late than never! Here’s my gratitude list for this week.

Week 16:

The most obvious one is of course our trip to the UK. I am grateful that we arrived in London safely. Thank you Lord for the pleasant flying experience. It was a long flight but the Lord sustained us. We enjoyed the food in the Singapore Airlines flight, we got good seats, and the service was great. My brother in law and his wife picked us up from the airport which made the drive to their home quick and convenient.

Our first few days in London had been great. Ariel’s brother, Joe Dean, and his wife, Pam, joined us in our tours. It made it easy for us to learn the ropes of using London’s train and tube. Going around the city had been a breeze. The weather was great. Although it was a bit cold, the sun was up all the time and it didn’t rain at all. Thank you Lord for this blessing.

I am thankful for the blessing and privilege of discovering new places. On Friday, we went on a tour outside of London to visit Leeds Castle, Dover and Canterbury Cathedral. These places are amazing! We got great seats in our coach, and the guide was wonderful. We learned a lot of things about England and some historical facts. We really had a wonderful time.

Week 17:

On Saturday, we went to see Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge. Again, I am thankful for our safe trip, the great weather that allowed us to enjoy our tour, and the wonderful experience of seeing new places.

On Sunday, Ariel and I flew to Scotland. I am grateful for the safe flight to Edinburgh. It was so cold! I am also grateful that we didn’t get sick despite the cold. Our God is an awesome God! When He blessed us with this trip, He also made sure that we get to enjoy it. Thank you Lord!

While in Scotland, we went on a 3-day Isle of Skye tour. It was one of the highlights of our trip! Here we were able to see the natural beauty of Scotland. While the works of men, like the castles and other architectural wonders, were magnificent, nothing compares to God’s wonderful creation. The mountains, lakes, hills and valleys are breathtaking. They serve as the perfect backdrop for quaint communities and powerful structures.

We are grateful to get back to London safely. Ariel and I had some time to rest before conquering the city again. On Friday, the two of us took a tour to see Warwick Castle, Stratford Upon Avon, the Cotswolds and Oxford. Again, we were blessed with a beautiful cool but sunny weather. We had a wonderful time discovering these places, learning a bit of history, and experiencing a bit of the culture. We are having a blast!

I am also thankful to know that our family back home are great. They are in good health and are always praying for us. They are also looking after our stuff while we are gone. I thank the Lord for giving us loving and supportive families.  God bless them!

Have an awesome weekend!

Written by Alby Laran

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