Highlights: Taking the train and tube, London Eye, London Dungeon

Today we mastered the art of traveling by train and tube. Our temporary abode is about a mile away from the train station. This morning, instead of taking the bus (GBP 1.5) or taxi (GBP 5-6), we decided to walk. We figured it’s a good way to see the neighborhood and familiarize ourselves with the route. It was a good 30 minutes on foot, but the neighborhood was very nice. The weather was a bit chilly at first, but after a few minutes of walking, I had to take off my jacket.

One of the many beautiful trees we passed by on our way to the train station

Waiting for the train that will take us to King’s Cross Station in Central London

The Stevenage train station – about 15 minutes to King’s Cross

The first order of the day is getting our 3-in-1 tickets at the London Eye. The ticket will gain us entry to the London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s and London Dungeon.

Big Ben – we passed by this popular landmark while walking towards the London Eye from the Westminster tube station.

The London Eye from below

The London eye from a distance

 After collecting our tickets, we stopped for lunch before heading off to the London Dungeon.

Hotdog in baguette plus Dr. Pepper for lunch

Waiting in line at the London Dungeon

Ariel loves horror movies, so the London Dungeon is a logical stop. It wasn’t really scary but it’s good entertainment nonetheless. Ariel and his brother took the drop ride while my sis-in-law and I opted out. After that, we returned to the London Eye to take flight in one of its capsules. We had a similar experience in Singapore a few years back, but of course, the view is different this time.

Inside one of the capsules of the London Eye

After London Eye, we decided to hang out at the nearby park and watched the free performances there.

One of the “living statues” in the park

This one really looks like a statue
There are lots of people hanging out including this families. Cheers!
Another performer – this one tried to escape from the chain while balancing on a ladder.
Ariel enjoying his popcorn

This is the end of Day 1. To read Day 2, click here.

Written by Alby Laran

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