Last March 19, some friends from the 700 Club Asia came over for a shoot. Here’s what happened.

The crew setting up in the garden

Preparing for my interview

Photo op before the interview

My interview

Ariel’s turn (another spot in the garden)

Feeling it! :)

After the interview, it took another hour or so to shoot a few more scenes (a bit of acting was involved, and I had to change clothes 3 times!). Then it was time to eat. I cooked pasta and paired it with French Bread with garlic olive oil.

Friends from our Church, Ralph and Abie, came over to provide moral support. We chatted a lot before they headed home.

Ralph and Abie with our baby, Cain.

So what is this all about? Find out on April 13, 11:00pm at the GMA News TV (formerly QTV).

Written by Alby Laran

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